Start Your U.S. Business Confidently Without Dealing With Complicated Legal Forms

Join 3,000+ U.S. and International Entrepreneurs Who Have Successfully Started Their U.S. Business Without Dealing With Complicated Legal Forms

"I'm really happy with Sam's service. The service was quick and streamlined. I highly recommend Sam Mollaei to all people who want to open a business." - Jared Alvarado


1,000+ 5.0 Star Google Reviews

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Meet Sam Mollaei Esq.

#1 Highest Rated Business Lawyer for Entrepreneurs

As a Business Lawyer for Entrepreneurs, I help entrepreneurs start their U.S. business without dealing with complicated government forms.

In 2013, I took the leap to start a virtual law firm right after law school so I could help entrepreneurs start their business and so that I could work online from anywhere in the world at the same time ( decision I've ever made).

Since then, I’ve assisted more than 3,000 entrepreneurs start and grow their U.S. business and I'm backed by 1,000+ 5.0 Star Google Reviews (highest in the nation) from clients who love my quick and streamlined service.

Mollaei Law is a full-service that helps U.S. and foreign entrepreneurs start their U.S. business. 

Our most common clients are:

    ✅ Business owners expanding to the U.S. to take advantage of the U.S. market, and

    ✅ HIGHLY-COMMITTED entrepreneurs looking to protect and grow their business in the U.S.

Clients typically come to us when they're looking to start a business but don't know how to and don't want to deal with complicated legal forms. 

Do any of those issues sound familiar to you?

Join over 3,000 entrepreneurs who have trusted me with their business.

- Sam Mollaei, Esq.

P.S. See what others have to say about my done-for-you service:

"The unbelievable thing was that Sam did it all in under 2 weeks"
- Andres Rias from Costa Rica
"Sam found a way to get my ITIN despite my special case"
       - Marc Bayfield from Jamaica
"In 30 days I had my ITIN number and started my business!"
- Markos Spasovski from Macedonia
"Sam is very trustworthy and I recommend him a lot"
- Marcos Razzetti from Costa Rica
"Sam helped me every step of the way! I'm really happy with Sam"
 - Dayana Mayfield from California
"It was the easiest, smoothest, most enjoyable administrative task I've ever done."
Gary Wolfson from South Africa

Service Backed By
1,000+ 5.0 Star Reviews on Google

Mollaei Law Google Reviews

Start Your U.S. Business To

Take Advantage of U.S. Market

The U.S. market is the most robust market in the world. If you want to take advantage of most online services like Stripe and Amazon, you need a U.S. registered business.

Protect Your Personal Assets

Protect you and your family by separating your personal and business assets. Helps ensure you're not personally liable for mistakes your business might make.

Be Your Own Boss

Let’s be honest... this is probably the biggest reason entrepreneurs get into business for themselves. And that’s a good thing! Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it does make finding happiness much easier.

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Start Your U.S. Business Confidently

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