How to Change Your Company Name (5 Steps)

Branding has caused companies to reconsider their company names. If you want to change your business name, I can help you make an easy transition. Simply contact me at for further details. Before you talk to me, I encourage you to read the following content. 

The listed steps below will give you a concise idea of how to change your company name and re-brand your business. 

When you change company name and branding, you may do so for one or more various reasons. These reasons may include the following:

  • The name is simply outdated.
  • The company has had a change of ownership.
  • You are moving to a new product mix or service listing.


Step 1. Change Company Name and Branding – 2 Methods to Use

Why do you want to change company name and branding? Your reasons will help you make the right decision for a new name. While making a change may at first seem pretty simple, you need to give the new name a lot of thought.


Two Considerations to Make

You may want to change the name but avoid any confusion with your current customers. Alternatively, you may want to remove your business from its prior identity, and therefore select an entirely different name.


How to Prevent Further Confusion

To change a company name and prevent confusion, consider an option that sounds somewhat like the old name. For instance, if you want to update your business image, you might change the name form “Mom’s Outdoor Antique Emporium” to “Mom’s Unique Antiques.”


How to Direct the Business in a New Direction when You Change Company Name and Branding

If you wish to change company name and branding so it takes on a whole new persona or direction, you might change the name as follows – “Mom’s Outdoor Antique Emporium” might become “Mom’s Antique Outlet.” Along with the name change, post a sign and advertisements that state your business is under new management.

If you notify the public that you are under new management, you might be able to draw once disgruntled customers back to your business’s doors.


Step 2. Follow the Proper Legal Format to Change Company Name and Branding

I can assist you in following the legal formalities to change company name and branding. You can contact me anytime at with your concerns and inquiries. To pursue this step, we will need to do the following:

  • Contact the IRS about the upcoming name change. The forms that your business files for taxation will need to be revised to reflect the alteration.
  • Check to make sure the name is available for use through the Secretary of State’s office and its database. At this time, you will need to mail a name availability inquiry letter if you live in California.
  • You cannot email the office or check online currently. With my help, you can facilitate the process much faster. 

A tip when you change company name and brandingThe easiest way to register a business name is to file what is known as a DBA, or “doing business as” name. In this scenario, you can maintain your original business name that is registered with the state but submit a DBA for the new name with the local county or state office. 

You will still have to make sure the name is available through the Secretary of State’s office. Again, I can help with the process. You can always contact me easily at


Step 3. File an Amendment with the State to Change Company Name

If you don’t want to use your original company name in the future, you will need to file an Articles of Amendment to change the company name. This is done through the state where you filed your corporation or LLC for your business. 

This type of document is always used whenever you need to change the name of your company or make a change to your business address.

The same document can be used when there is a change in company officers. This straightforward piece of paperwork can be filed directly with the Secretary of State.


Step 4. Contact Your Financial Institution to See If You Need to Open a New Account when You Change Company Name and Branding

In this instance, you may only need to convert your current account when you change company name and branding. 


Step 5. Check with Your Governmental Offices Updating any current Permits or Licenses When You Change the Company Name

Either you will have to obtain new licenses or permits when you change the company name or obtain new ones. You can rely on my legal services to direct you so you can make the change without too much hassle. Again, contact me at anytime with your questions.


Why It Is Important to Change Company Name and Branding 

If you wish to change company name and branding, you are also making a change in your business image. If you believe your name no longer reasonably reflects your brand, this is an important step in scaling for business growth. 

You just need to make sure you follow the proper legal steps to avoid any future issues. When you rely on the services of an attorney, you can make this transition without any undue complications. 

From a legal perspective, any time you change company name and branding, you are engaging in a detailed process – one that is more involved than merely telling your customers about the change. 

By working with an attorney, you can ensure that you follow the right steps for your business entity – LLC, corporation, partnership, or sole proprietor.

By allowing me to intervene, you can make sure that you fully comply with the legal requirement for a business name change.

Do you feel that your name needs to be changed? If so, check with me about what you need to do. I can work out all the details and direct you through the name change process. 

Again, to schedule an appointment, simply email me at The sooner you make the change, the sooner you can conduct business in a way that fits your new profile and business initiatives.

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