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Contract law is one of the trickiest areas of law because there are many misconceptions and wrong information out there that can make your contract useless in a court of law.

Many people draft their own contract based on templates they’ve found online and then when the contract comes into question, they find out that it wasn’t legally binding or that it didn’t protect them the way that they intended.

Don’t let this happen to you…

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What Is A Contract Lawyer?

A contract lawyer is a professional who drafts legally binding documents. Contract lawyers may also review already written documents for their accuracy and lawfulness.

A contract lawyer can help you prepare any documents you need to form your business and establish employer/employee relationships as well as partnership agreements.

We can provide you with all of the legal documents you need as your business grows and you acquire more assets and grow your team. A well-drafted contract will help you in many areas of your business in the future.


What Does A Contract Lawyer Do?

A contract lawyer can draft contracts for you to make sure you are protected and have legally binding agreements. Drafting a contract means that the lawyer follows a format for a certain legal document and makes it fit your situation so that it’s accurate and legally binding.

If you already have a contract written up, a contract lawyer can review it to make sure it doesn’t contain any inaccuracies and that it protects you as much as it can.

You may also work with a contract lawyer to determine if you should sign a legally binding document that you are presented such as a partnership agreement or a non-compete.

Having solid legal documents to support your business is essential to its success. Contracts can prevent disputes before they turn into problems, define relationships and boundaries to make daily life easier, and comply with the law so your business stays legitimate and legal every day it’s in operation.

A contract lawyer may also be available to help you negotiate a contract to get more agreeable terms that are fair for all parties. Having an experienced lawyer on your side for negotiations not only takes some of the stress out of the process but it also helps you make solid offers so you are taken seriously in the negotiating process.

If you need any help with anything regarding contracts, call Mollaei Law at (818) 925-0002 today for your free consultation.


Do You Need a Contract Lawyer?

A legal contract normally is very complex, especially when it comes to business, because every word needs to be specific and can be legally binding.

It is recommended to hire a contract lawyer to make sure that it is legal, can be used in court and precise. 


Should I Have A Lawyer Review My Contract?

Yes, you should have a lawyer review any contract before you sign it unless you are familiar with the law and understand every word in it.

This may sound like a bit of an exaggeration, but when it comes to legally binding documents, it’s important to be careful and understand exactly what they do and don’t say.

You may want a lawyer to review a contract for one or more of the following reasons:

  • You want the terms and conditions as well as the rest of the contract to be completely clear so they aren’t misinterpreted by the other parties.
  • You don’t want to break any laws when you are presenting or signing a contract.
  • You don’t want to be scammed or taken advantage of by the other party.
  • You want to prevent any future legal problems that may arise that question each parties’ responsibilities.
  • You want to establish clear boundaries and let everyone know what’s expected of them and what will happen if they break the contract.

The above list are just a few of the reasons you may want to have a contract lawyer review your contract. As you can see, there are many good reasons to do so.

By signing or drafting a contract blindly, you are putting yourself and your business at risk for future turmoil and lawsuits.


Should I Check With My Lawyer Before Signing A Contract?

It may be a good idea for you to consult with a lawyer before you sign a contract.

Your lawyer can review the contract terms and sit down with you to make sure you have a good understanding of what it says.

Checking with your lawyer before you sign a contract will be helpful to you because your lawyer can break down the contract so it’s easy to understand. This means you’ll be clear on your responsibilities and understand exactly what you are agreeing to before you sign it.

The lawyer can take all of the legalese and turn it into something that’s easy for you to understand.

Additionally, they can answer any questions you may have about the terms and conditions and help you reply with a rebuttal to the contract if necessary.


What Kind of Contracts Does a Contract Lawyer Work on?

Here are the contracts a contract lawyer can draft:

  • Client Service Contracts – A (independent) contractor agrees to render services to a client in exchange for payment.
  • Sale and Purchase Agreements – An agreement mostly deals with real estate. It is the legal transfer of ownership of an asset or business to its new owner.
  • Distribution and Reseller Agreement – This is an agreement that stipulates the terms and conditions of what products a distributor can sell to a supplier.
  • Personal Contracts – Most common personal contracts are marital contracts and for real estate planning.
  • License Agreement – This is used by licensor to permit licensees the right to use and access their intellectual property.
  • Non-Disclosure or/and Confidentiality Agreement – An agreement that keeps trade secrets between both parties. Business information would not be disclosed in other companies.
  • Partnership Agreement – Shareholder Agreement- Two entities or individuals agree to become partners to operate a business and gain profit.
  • Dissolution Agreement – An agreement that terminates the relationship of the business and avoids any misunderstandings.

Please take note that this is not a comprehensive list and there are other contracts or agreements that a contract lawyer can work on.


What Other Contract Services Does a Contract Lawyer Offer?

Here are the services a contract lawyer can offer:

  • Drafting Contracts – They personalized each contract depending on the situation.
  • Reviewing Contacts – If there is already a contract made, they would check and provide any legal advice if required.
  • Contract Consultations – They consult with any legal concerns you have.
  • Helping in Company Formations – They can help you create your own business (LLC), filing fees and documents and explain more on what to do with the business.


Do Business Contracts Have To Be Drafted By A Lawyer?

Contracts don’t have to be drafted by a lawyer in some situations, but it’s always a good idea. Instead of asking if you have to hire a lawyer to draft a contract, ask what could happen if you didn’t?

You don’t want to spend time drafting a contract and having all the parties sign it only to end up with a problem in the future and find out in court that it’s not enforceable.

Mollaei Law has drafted hundreds of contracts and has strong attention to detail that will work in your favor to make sure everything you want in your contract (and nothing you don’t) is included.

We will make sure you understand what’s in your contract and that it’s accurate and enforceable by law if something should go wrong in the future.

It’s not required by law for a contract to be drafted by an attorney, but it is in your best interest if you want to protect yourself and your business.


How To Find a Contract Lawyer To Review My Contract?

When you are looking for an attorney to review your contract, turn to We have been helping individuals like you draft, review, and understand their contracts for years and we can help you too.

We are here to answer your questions about contracts and legal agreements so you are clear on what you need to do.

We encourage you to write down any questions you may have about working with a contract lawyer and then give us a call.

Your free consultation is just a call away: (818) 925-0002 or email at [email protected]


Benefits of a Contract Lawyer

Here are some benefits of hiring a contract lawyer:

  • They get the job done professionally.
  • It saves time and money.
  • They charge lower than a lawyer in a firm.
  • Reduces overhead costs.
  • Builds long term relationships.
  • A great advantage if you have a small business.


When To Hire A Lawyer For A Business Contract?

You may want to hire a lawyer for a business contract before you agree on anything. Your lawyer can help you go through the contract and understand each line so you are fully aware of what you’re agreeing to and what you’re establishing.

If you are in another position and are looking to draft a business contract, you should hire a lawyer to write one up for you at the beginning. That way you don’t waste time trying to do it yourself and you can rest easy knowing you have a solid contract that is legally enforceable.


3 Simple Ways of Finding the Best Contract Lawyer

Here are 3 simple steps in finding a great contract lawyer:

  1. Check the work experience – The best lawyers have trained in a well-known firm. There’s a big chance that they provide excellent work. The longer the time they have practiced their craft, the better chance that they know more the ins and outs of the business.
  2. Check the feedback from other clients and the like – Feedbacks from other clients or their associates will normally let you know what type of person the contract lawyer is. Find out if your contract lawyer specializes in the work you’re looking for.
  3. Check their conversation skills and their level of understanding – Talking to the contract lawyer directly will give you an idea if he or she is right for the job. Find out what price they would set on their services. It is expected that the more difficult or complex a contract would be or if it requires a long time, the payment would be higher. Make sure that your contract lawyer sets a reasonable price and you can ask around the average rates from other contract lawyers.


Who Is A Good Lawyer That Writes Contracts?

Sam Mollaei, Esq., Contract Lawyer

Sam Mollaei, Esq., Contract Lawyer

Sam Mollaei, Esq. at Mollaei Law is a good lawyer that writes contracts because he’s been working with businesses and contracts for several years now. Mollaei Law has helped over 300 entrepreneurs and business owners with their business and contract needs.

We are dedicated to meeting your needs and making sure you walk away from us with a clear understanding of the contracts and legal documents we went over together. We know that law can be complicated and we strive to make it as simple as possible so you understand your contracts completely.


Who Is A Lawyer Who Specializes in Contracts?

When you’re looking for a lawyer who specializes in contracts, Mollaei Law has you covered. We specialize in contracts whether you want to draft new documents, have your current ones reviewed, or need help understanding something before you sign it.

Mollaei Law has the experience and knowledge you need to make sure all of your contract needs are taken care of. We are compassionate and prompt, giving our all to every client we have so you walk away taken care of and legally protected.

If you’re ready to learn more or hire us for help with your contracts, call us at (818) 925-0002 today.


How Much Will It Cost To Have A Lawyer To Look Over A Contract?

The cost that you will incur when you have a lawyer look over a contract will vary depending on the lawyer. Some lawyers prefer to work at a flat-rate while others may ask for an hourly fee.

By calling the lawyer, you can learn exactly how they like to charge and may even receive a price range to help you budget accordingly.

At Mollaei Law, we are completely transparent about what you can expect to pay before you agree to work with us. You’ll get a quote upfront that is clear and easy to understand so you won’t have to worry about any hidden fees or sneaky charges for our team.


What Can I Expect To Pay For A Contract Review Attorney Fee?

When it comes to a contract review fee, this may be flat rate or hourly. The lawyer you work with will let you know how they charge and what you can expect to pay for having a contract reviewed.

To get an idea of how much your contract review fee may be, please give us a call at (818) 925-0002 or send an email to [email protected]

While it’s important to know how much you’re going to pay for a contract review, you also need to consider the cost of not having one reviewed.

By not getting a contract review, you could enter into a legally binding document without truly understanding what you’re agreeing to. If you don’t understand the contract, you may break it unintentionally and may get sued for breach of contract.

If you’re the one presenting the contract you drafted alone to another party, you may assume that you have certain legal protections that you don’t actually have because the contract wasn’t clear. Or you risk having inaccuracies in your contract that could make the entire thing inadmissible in a court of law.

The truth is, you really can’t afford to not have a lawyer draft up or review your legally binding documents and contracts because the consequences could cost you severely.


How Much Does A Contract Lawyer Cost?

A contract lawyer’s cost will depend on what services they are performing for you and how they structure their fee schedule.

Some have a flat rate while others may have an hourly rate. Some have packages for all of the documents you need to start a business or hire a new employee while others will charge by the page.

It’s hard to give a price range because each situation can vary quite drastically. The best thing you can do to determine how much you can expect to pay for the services you need is to contact us and let us give you an upfront, no obligation quote.


How To Find A Contract Lawyer?

When you want to find a contract lawyer, you may want to ask around for referrals or spend an hour or more on Google looking at lawyers and their reviews. Or you could just visit and hire an experienced, trust-worthy contract lawyer many others have hired over the years.

We make the process easy and as less stressful as possible so you can get the legal documents that you need without worrying about anything else.

Mollaei Law specializes in contract law to help you draft and review contracts and agreements for accuracy and legality. We also work with business owners and entrepreneurs to help them form their business, register their trademarks and copyrights, and provide any of the documentation they may need at the formation of their business and any time after.

We have helped hundreds of individuals sort out their contracts so they walk away confident and informed and we want to help you too. Give us a call at (818) 925-0002 for your free consultation today.


Do You Need a Contract Lawyer?

Sam Mollaei, Esq., Contract Lawyer

Sam Mollaei, Esq., Contract Lawyer

If your business has any important business transactions with a customer, a business partner or a supplier, you definitely would need one.

We strongly recommend that you hire a professional contract lawyer not just to save time and money, but to make sure that the work will be done in a professional and effective manner.

If you would like to get in touch with a contract lawyer or know more about the rates, please contact Mollaei Law. 

Sam Mollaei, Esq. specialize and provide legal advice in all business matters. You can also Sam Mollaei, Esq., contract lawyer, directly by sending an email to [email protected] or via phone (818) 925-0002.




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