3 Necessary Ways to Protect Your Website

You’ve started a business, established a brand name, and built up a strong reputation for quality and service.

If you are building or already have a website to run a business, the most important thing that you can do is to protect yourself legally from all risks and dangers of having a website.

There are many ways to protect your website, but I have produced a list of the 3 main things that you need to do in order to to protect your website…


#1: Trademark Your Website Name

One of the most important ways you can protect your website is to trademark your website name.

Your trademark is your marketplace signature, an indicator that your company produced the items for sale and a promise that those items will meet the quality standards you’ve worked to establish.

If another company or individual attaches a similar mark to their goods or services, it’s akin to a forgery, a use of your ‘signature’ to obtain customers or signal your approval of those products.

This forgery will not only cause an immediate decrease in your sales by siphoning purchasers to a different company’s merchandise, but will cause a long-run decrease as well, as the power of your brand will be diluted by association with lesser quality goods.

Trademark registration gives you exclusive rights to your brand name, protects your company’s name, and prevents others from using the same or similar mark. Also, trademark allows your customers to trust your brand.

In order to legally protect yourself, your brand, and your website, the best thing that you can do as a founder is to assure proper protections on your intellectual property.

Protections such as registering your trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office but don’t try doing this on your way.

Although there are ways of doing this yourself, it is highly recommended that you seek help and guidance from a trademark lawyer, as there are numerous forms that need properly filled out, and strict deadlines throughout the process.

We provide a legal expertise in registering your trademark so that you can relax and know that your business is safe.


#2: Make Sure You Have an LLC or Corporation

Separating different areas of your business with a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or Corporation can protect different assets by keeping them completely independent from each other.

The business entity you choose affects the taxes you pay, the amount of paperwork you deal
with, the employee benefits you can offer and more.

In the U.S., there are two main entity types – the limited liability company (LLC) and the business corporation. Both are insulated from liability as long as you are compliant.

Make sure you have fully evaluated your needs for ownership, funding over time, transfer of
, paperwork and exit options before deciding on which business structure works
best for your personal situation.

If you are currently acting as a sole proprietor and do not have an LLC or Corporation and you are serious about your business, you should definitely look to register your business as an LLC or Corporation as soon as possible.

LLC’s are a legal form of company that will stop different parts of your company negatively affecting others by giving each part a limited amount of liability to the whole company.

We can help you form an LLC or Corporation for your business so that your online presence and website will not have any effect on other areas of your business.


#3: Have a Terms of Service & Privacy Policy on Every Page of Your Website

Terms of Use is a contract for your websites that establishes the rules your users must abide by in order to use your services.

If you have a website, you need to have a Terms of Service!

Also, if you collect any personally identifiable information, such as a name or email address, you must post a Privacy Policy on your website.

California has very strict laws that require website and mobile apps who collect personally identifiable information from their users to post a privacy policy on their website. To learn more about Website Privacy Policy and why you may need one, read here.


There are many different ways that you protect yourself, your business, and your website, but the best way to start is by contacting a business attorney


How We Can Help Protect Your Business

If you would like to find out more about the services that we could offer you, please get in touch with us.

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