When Should Music Artists Hire a Music Lawyer?

Where does your passion in music lead you?

Where does your passion in music lead you?

As a music artist, you need to make sure you are being fairly treated while maximizing your creative potential.

Quality legal representation can be one of the most vital tools in your arsenal as an artist.

Lawyers in the music industry do much more than just look over contracts and advise artists about the law.

Music lawyers very involved in organizing deals and shaping an artist’s business livelihood.

Here are the top 3 instances where it is crucial to hire a music lawyer…


1. Before Signing any Kind of Contract or Agreement

As an artist, you will face many opportunities where people will approach you with many various lucrative never-seen-before deals and contracts.

These include Records & Publishing Deals, Live Performance Agreements, Sponsorship & Merchandising Agreements, Distribution Contracts, and Marketing Contracts among many others.

These agreements can be complicated and lengthy so it is best to have a music lawyer to review and assess the contracts to make sure you have the right deal for your hard-earned creative work.

You should always have a music lawyer review the contract before you sign the contract to make sure it matches your interests. In reviewing the contract, a music lawyer will review the terms to ensure that the contract accurately reflects your understanding of the agreement.

Further, a music lawyer will make certain you understand your obligations under the contract so that you will not obligate yourself unexpectedly. Having a competent music lawyer represent you means the difference between paying a few hundred dollars or hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal and court fees if you end up in a dispute.

Be proactive and not reactive and have a music lawyer review the deal before you sign any contract or agreement.


2. A Music Lawyer Will Give You a Peace of Mind While You Master Your Craft

In most businesses, before you can start earning big bucks, you have to be pretty well educated in how the business works.

Making a living from a business you don’t fully understand is risky. Yet, artists do not know what a copyright is, how record royalties are computed, how music publishing works, and a number of other things that directly affects an artist’s livelihood in the music business.

Artists do not understand this legal jargon because their time is better spent making music. But without knowing these basics, or at least having a music lawyer who represents your best interests, it is near impossible for artists to succeed in their professional career.

Further, as an artist’s success grows, their lives get more complicated and they become more lost. That’s where a music lawyer comes in and gives you a peace of mind while you concentrate on your creative craft.

Having a music lawyer makes a substantial difference in the artist’s self-confidence about his or her business life. If you want to be a successful artist, it’s going to take a lot of time and a lot of hard work.

You also need knowledge on how the music business works to successfully navigate your way around promoters, record labels, personal and business managers, agents, and other music producers.

Rather than worrying about the legal ends of your career, entrust a music lawyer to advocate and promote your interests.


3. A Music Lawyer Can Help Make Introductions to Other Powerful Music Influencers

And lastly, a music lawyer can help make introductions to other powerful music infuencers including including agents, business managers, record labels, DJ’s, personal managerspromoters, and producers.

Lawyers in the music business do much more than just review contracts and provide counseling. They have evolved into one of the most powerful influencers in the music industry.

As an artist, the people you meet is just as important as the value of your finished products — your songs or albums.

The connections you make in the music industry create long-lasting relationships which ultimately garner you music deals to further your music career.

Lawyers are, by nature, well connected to many influencers in their specific industry. Even more specifically, music lawyers are the social nodes who serve specific purposes in their networks by introducing you to other artists and music influencers in the business.

When it comes to maximizing the spread of influence within a social network, understanding and leveraging the influence of music lawyers leads to a much more effective spread of networking and expanding your networking authority.

The music industry is a tricky place to navigate without having a competent legal representation supporting your best interests.

While being an artist may be lucrative, you don’t want to find yourself lost in the haze of the intricacies of the music business. Rather than worrying about the legal ends of your business, entrust a music lawyer so you can focus more what you do best in your career — make music.


At this point, you’re probably thinking, “Well you’re a lawyer so you’re biased in saying that.” Well before I was a lawyer, I was and still am a DJ and a producer. I became a lawyer to help artists from getting exploited in the music industry. As a music lawyer, I make sure music artists are able to concentrate on their craft without having any legal distractions.

Sam Mollaei, Esq., music lawyer, represents new and existing music artists. Sam Mollaei, Esq. can be reached via email at [email protected] or phone at (800) 755-5264.

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