New Important California Laws of 2015 You Need to Know About – Part III

New California Laws of 2015 - Part III

New California Laws of 2015 – Part III

It’s the year 2015 and there are always questions about new laws that you should be aware of.

As part 3 of a multi-series blog post, we will detail some of the most new important California laws of 2015 you need to know about. Feel free to check out Part I of New Important California Laws of 2015 here and Part II here

Unpaid Interns

Volunteers are now protected by the same laws which prohibit discrimination and harassment against paid employees. (AB 1443)

Tutoring Companies

Academic tutoring businesses must disclose to parents of minors how they check teachers’ backgrounds. (AB 1852)


It is a constructive invasion of privacy to attempt, in a “reasonably offensive manner” to capture images or sounds of another engaging in private or family activity using a device, including a drone, unless the image or sound could have been captured, without trespass, without the device. (AB 2306)

Criticizing Businesses

Provisions in certain contracts preventing a consumer from criticizing its seller seller are void and unenforceable (AB 2365)

Revenge Porn

An individual has a private right to sue another who intentionally or recklessly distributes a sexually explicit photograph or other image or recording of the individual without consent. (AB 2643)

Workplace Requirements 

There are new requirements for anti-harassment training (AB 2053), child labor violations (AB 1680), and compensation for workers’ rest, recovery (SB 1360), and waiting time (AB 1723), and for companies to display posters, provide written notices, include specific information on paycheck stubs, and retain personnel records for 3 years.

Sick Days

Beginning July 1, workers are entitled to one hour of sick leave for every 30 hours worked up to 3 days annually. (AB 1522)


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