Privacy Policy – Why Your Website ABSOLUTELY Needs One

Privacy Policy - Your Website Shouldn't Run Without One

Privacy Policy – Your Website Shouldn’t Run Without One

Most states in the United States, such as California, have very strict laws that require website and mobile apps who collect personally identifiable information from their users to post a privacy policy on their website. Business and Professions Code Section 22575-22579

You need a privacy policy if your website or mobile app collects any of the following: 

  • The user’s name
  • A home or other physical address
  • An email address
  • A telephone number
  • A social security number
  • Any other identifier that permits the physical or online contacting of a specific individual

In other words, if your website or app collects a user’s name, email address, phone number, or other type of personal identifier information, you are required by law to post a privacy policy.


Consequences If You Do Not Comply

If you are required to post a privacy policy and fail to do so, you may get a stern notice of non-compliance from the state, along with a possible consequential lawsuit and heavy fines.


Why You Should Get a Privacy Policy

  • Comply with US and International Privacy Laws so that you can focus on your business.
  • Establish trust with your users since your clients are by far the most part of your business.
  • Reduce the risks of lawsuits by being compliant with privacy laws and being transparent with your users. 


A business lawyer specializing in internet law can draft a Privacy Policy specifically tailored for your website. 

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