5 Reasons To Have A Signed Client Contract

5 Reasons To Have a Signed Client Contract

No one expects things to go wrong with a client. In fact, you’ve done a lot of work so far to make sure you are working with the RIGHT clients.

But if you run a profitable service business, it’s going to happen at some point, which is why it’s a good idea to have a signed client contract for every project.

Think of it as the operating manual for how the client relationship is going to work.

If there’s a disagreement about the scope of the project or deadlines, you can reference your written, signed agreement. It also gives you ironclad proof in the event your client refuses to pay.

A common mistake new service businesses make is naively thinking they don’t need to have a contract. This usually lasts until the first time they get burned by a problem client.

To avoid this, take the time to create a contract that protects you AND your client in the event things go south.

If you’re looking to get a contract reviewed or drafted,

Partnership Dissolution Agreement

Partnership Dissolution Agreement

A business partnership is like a marriage. When things go well it can make your life so much better, but when it’s time to end you’ll be wishing you had a prenup.

Having a partnership dissolution agreement in place in the partnership agreement or written during the dissolution of a partnership does so much for you and your business.

Not only does it protect you from liability, it affects your future credit score and keeps your personal and business assets safe.

Still, what is a partnership dissolution agreement?

How do you write a partnership dissolution agreement?

Can you dissolve a partnership without one?

I’ll answer these questions and more in the article below.

Contact me today at sam@mollaeilaw.com with any other questions you have about how to write and use a partnership dissolution agreement to protect you and your business.


What is Partnership Dissolution?

A Partnership Dissolution happens when a partner leaves the business, thus ending the partnership.

There are a lot of reasons where a partner might voluntarily leave the business,