3 Most Important Benefits of Wyoming LLC (& Why You Shouldn’t…)

I get this question asked ALL THE TIME (especially from my non-US clients).

If you’re a U.S. resident, you should definitely form your LLC in the state where you’re physically located.

However, if you’re not physically located in the U.S. and won’t be doing business in the U.S. then you have a choice of where you can form your LLC… in this case, I definitely recommend forming your LLC in Wyoming.

Short answer: you should register your LLC in the state where you are doing business (the state where you have a physical presence). For example, if you will be operating your business in California, then we should register your LLC in California.

However, if you are not planning to have a physical presence in the US (meaning that you will be operating solely from OUTSIDE the US), then we should form your LLC in Wyoming, the best and cheapest state for non-US residents.

Wyoming LLCs offer the best asset protection laws, no state or capital gain taxes,