How to Change Your Company Name (5 Steps) (2020)

Branding has caused companies to reconsider their company names. If you want to change your business name, I can help you make an easy transition. Simply contact me at for further details. Before you talk to me, I encourage you to read the following content. 

The listed steps below will give you a concise idea of how to change your company name and re-brand your business. 

When you change company name and branding, you may do so for one or more various reasons. These reasons may include the following:

  • The name is simply outdated.
  • The company has had a change of ownership.
  • You are moving to a new product mix or service listing.


Step 1. Change Company Name and Branding – 2 Methods to Use

Why do you want to change company name and branding? Your reasons will help you make the right decision for a new name. While making a change may at first seem pretty simple,