How to Dissolve an LLC in New York

For anyone who decides to dissolve LLC New York companies, they will need expert legal advice. I can help you with your decision to liquidate and close your company. 

You have to follow certain procedures to dissolve your LLC in New York.  Otherwise, you can get sued or get in trouble legally and financially.

Don’t try to take on this type of activity yourself. You need to rely on competent legal support. I can give you the guidance you need to realize a successful dissolution. You can contact me anytime at for all the details.


What Business People Should Know Who Dissolve LLC New York Companies

Every state has its own laws with respect to dissolving LLCs. New York is no exception. Owners that dissolve LLC New York companies must follow certain guidelines.

These guidelines have been established so a business closing becomes a more orderly process.

Again, you will find that you simply cannot shut your doors and close your company. You need to follow certain steps so the Departments of State will officially recognize your LLC’s dissolution.

Business Formation Lawyer California (#1 Highest Rated Service)

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Do You Need a Business Formation California Based Attorney to Establish Your Business?

If you want to incorporate or set up a business in California or speak to a business formation California based attorney, I am here to help. I am number one rated online and off-line and can satisfy all the requirements for establishing a specific business entity. 

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How Can a Business Formation Lawyer California Based Attorney Help Launch Your Business?

Whether you succeed or fail in business depends on how you and plan how you establish yourself.

How to Change Your Company Name (5 Steps) (2020)

Branding has caused companies to reconsider their company names. If you want to change your business name, I can help you make an easy transition. Simply contact me at for further details. Before you talk to me, I encourage you to read the following content. 

The listed steps below will give you a concise idea of how to change your company name and re-brand your business. 

When you change company name and branding, you may do so for one or more various reasons. These reasons may include the following:

  • The name is simply outdated.
  • The company has had a change of ownership.
  • You are moving to a new product mix or service listing.


Step 1. Change Company Name and Branding – 2 Methods to Use

Why do you want to change company name and branding? Your reasons will help you make the right decision for a new name. While making a change may at first seem pretty simple,

How to Start My Own Business

How to Start My Own Business

Starting a business in the United States can be both overwhelming and invigorating. But – if you do it right – it can also be a very profitable experience that will set you up for life.

Today, I’m going to provide you with an actionable 13 step guide on how to establish your own business within the United States.

Hi, my name is Sam Mollaei and I’ve helped many aspiring entrepreneurs – just like yourself – establish their own business in the United States. You can email me at and be the next entrepreneur I assist.

With the assistance of my 13-step guide, you will have EVERYTHING you need to set up a business within the United States.

By making the decision to set up a business in the United States, you gain access to an economical powerhouse.

And the best part? You don’t have to live in the U.S. to manage a U.S. business.

You just need to know how, and my 13-step guide can help.

Please click on any of my actionable steps to be taken to a more detailed description of the step.

How to Own Your Own Business

How to Own Your Own Business

One of the best things about America is that we are free to pursue our goals and dreams. For many, that includes the dream of owning a business and becoming financially independent.

Unfortunately, starting your own business is a feat that many feel is unobtainable, a goal too large to conquer.

That is simply not the case.

Owning your own business is something you can easily accomplish if you battle the process one step at a time.

Now, I am not saying becoming a business owner is easy. I am just saying it is not as far out of reach as you might think it is.

My name is Sam Mollaei and I have spent many years as a business lawyer helping regular everyday men and women jumpstart their dreams of become a self-reliant entrepreneur here in the U.S.

I want you to be successful, and I want to help you get there. If you are looking for expert advice and guidance on your journey to entrepreneurship, send me an e-mail today at



Which Legal Structure Is Right for Your Startup?

The first and most important step is to determine which legal structure is suitable for your business needs. A startup’s business plan may change over time, and an owner should be prepared for all possible risks and liabilities the business may incur going forward.