Can an Illegal Immigrant Get a Tax ID Number?

Can an Illegal Immigrant Get a Tax ID Number?

You might be wondering, can an illegal immigrant get a tax ID?

The answer is that Illegal immigrants can get a Tax ID number.

This number will primarily be used to allow you to file and pay your taxes. However, it has other benefits such as allowing you to get a bank account, credit card, and in some cases a mortgage.


What Are the Different Types of Tax ID Numbers?

The three types of Tax ID numbers are Social Security Number (SSN), Employee ID Number (EIN), and Individual Taxpayer ID Number (ITIN).

Below I will briefly go over the differences between Tax ID numbers.

  • SSN: This is the most commonly used Tax ID number that also determines Social Security and Medicare eligibility.
  • EIN: This number is used by businesses and the self-employed when filing business taxes.
  • ITIN: This Tax ID is for those who are illegal immigrants and U.S. residents who don’t qualify for a social security number.


How To Get an ITIN

The quickest way to get your ITIN is via EIN Express.