Can an F1 Student Start a Business in the US?

Can an F1 student start business in the US?

If you are going to school on an F1 visa, you may be wondering the following: How can an F1 student start a business in the US? Can he or she actually set up a company? You probably think this is a good idea, as it will help you make extra cash.

The answer to the above questions is “Yes!” I can help you make this happen, as you will need assistance from an experienced business legal advisor. 

Contact me by email at for further details. I will be happy to get you started on this profitable journey. Business lawyers are all for helping entrepreneurs, regardless of their current status, so the following information will help you prepare for this type of journey.

Carefully read the article below. It will help you learn the basics of how you can apply your skills and use them to the best advantage. 

You just need to find out how you can make this happen, given your current status. To be blunt, visa rules in the US are not always immigrant-friendly for entrepreneurs.