Can I Be My Own Registered Agent? (Pro’s and Con’s)

Can I Be My Own Registered Agent

As a business lawyer, one of the biggest questions people email me and ask is…

can I be the Registered Agent of my own business?

If you’re looking to start an LLC or S-Corporation, you will need to designate a Registered Agent.

A registered agent is your company’s official contact person and is required for every registered business in every state. Most states don’t allow your LLC to serve as its own agent, but you can personally serve if you meet state requirements. It’s best, however, to choose a third party who’s always available to receive important documents.

In addition to receiving important mail from the state, Registered Agent services track important tax filings, reporting, and compliance deadlines, ensuring your business meets regulatory requirements. Registered Agent also receive a summons and other court documents.

Having a Registered Agent reduces the likelihood of missing important filing deadlines and facilitates service of process to keep you from being served a summons in front of clients and employees.

Third-party registered agents are ideal Registered Agents if you want to protect your personal contact information,