Corporation vs LLC – Which Is Better for Your Business?

If you have been debating how to form your business, you may be weighing the advantages or drawbacks of a corporation vs LLC. That is understandable, as both entities can help you gain a competitive edge, depending on your professional or business objectives. 

I can also help you decide which entity will work for you. Send me an email at to arrange a consultation. In the meantime, review the information below and familiarize yourself with the details of choosing a corporation vs LLC.

To learn more about a corporation or LLC, you have to define each of these types of business formations first. The following information will give you a basic overview of each type of company. 


Corporation vs LLC – What are the Basic Differences?

When reviewing a corporation vs LLC, an LLC is short for a limited liability company. Don’t confuse it with a corporation by calling it a limited liability corporation. 

A corporation is a type of business that is separated from its owners or shareholder. Some owners may be employees or executives.