How to Resolve a CP566 Notice (and Get Your ITIN Successfully!)

CP566 Notice

CP-566 is one of a few difference notices you can receive after you apply for an ITIN. While this notice isn’t a good thing – it isn’t a bad thing either.

If you receive a CP-566 notice it means the IRS received your application for an ITIN, but the application was incomplete or missing documents.

If you filed your ITIN application on your own, consider using an ITIN service to make sure the paperwork is filed properly to avoid any additional notices.

If you fail to reply to your CP566 notice in 45 days, your ITIN application will be REJECTED.

If you’d like to resolve your CP-566 notice, contact Sina Bonabi, IRS Certifying Acceptance Agent, at or talk to him directly at 818-335-1488 to help you get your ITIN.


What Does a CP-566 Notice Mean?

Receiving a CP-566 notice is not a reason to panic. It just means the IRS needs additional information to process your ITIN application.

You received this notice because you didn’t fill out the form properly or you didn’t send the proper documentation.