10 Top Businesses to Start Today (Tips Inside!)

Top Businesses to Start

Are you sick of working that 9 to 5 brick-and-mortar job? Tired of living paycheck-to-paycheck?

Maybe you are ready to be your own boss instead of having to answer to one?

These are normal feelings to have.

But, guess what? I have a secret to tell you.

Come a little closer to the screen…

Anyone can start their own business.

Hi, my name is Sam Mollaei and I’m an experienced business lawyer. I’ve helped thousands of aspiring business owners turn their dreams of being their own boss into a reality.

I want you to be my next client, so please email me at sam@mollaeilaw.com and we can discuss your business ideas together.

Not sure what type of business you want to form? Here are some top business ideas of 2020 for you to consider.


1. Food Industry

The food industry is a broad business venture. There are so many different options for you to explore including:

  • Restaurant
  • Bakery
  • Candy Store
  • Grocery Store
  • Coffee Shop

Having an interest in the culinary industry (and possibly some culinary education) will go along way with this business venture.