How To Get ITIN for Tax Return (Explained With Instructions)

Today we’re going to be talking about whether you can file a federal tax return and get an ITIN at the same time.

Hey, this is Sina Bonabi from EIN Express. I’m an IRS certified acceptance agent and I’ve been both trained and authorized by the IRS to help non-US citizens all over the world just like you to successfully get their EINs and their ITINs for them. We’ve assisted and helped over 2,240 non-US citizens to help them get their EINs and ITINs and we’d love to help you get yours too.

Today we’re going to be discussing a topic of “can you file your U.S. federal tax return and also get an ITIN at the same time”. It might sound simple but it’s a very common question. It gets asked all the time.

What usually happens is people come to me and they say,

“I want to file a tax return. Can you get my ITIN for me so I can go ahead and file my tax return?”

What they don’t know is that if that is the case for you,