What’s an Incorporator? (And Do You EVEN Need One?!…)


What is an Incorporator?

What does an Incorporator do?

Can I, as the business owner, be the incorporator?

Who can be an Incorporator?

To definite Incorporator, an incorporator is an individual who organizes the incorporation and arranges for the Articles of Incorporation to be filed with the Secretary of State.

When a business (a corporation or LLC) is formally registered with a state, certain information is required. Many states have in their registration process a requirement to disclose the name of the person who is in charge of formally setting up the organization.

For a corporation, this person is called the incorporator. For an LLC, this person is called the organizer.

Most frequently, the incorporator is the lawyer who is handling the formation of the corporation.

A business’s Incorporator is an important job, and you should understand the position thoroughly before choosing who will serve this function.

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