#1 Reason to Never Use LegalZoom (What LegalZoom Reviews Say…)

LegalZoom Review

LegalZoom Reviews LLC

I can’t begin to tell you how often I get emails from clients complaining to me AFTER they’ve used LegalZoom. They have TERRIBLE LegalZoom Reviews!

People who use LegalZoom are typically looking for the cheapest way to file legal documents.

What people don’t understand is that LegalZoom is great at marketing but they do not offer personalized service. They are also not known for good customer service.

I get multiple emails a week from people who give reviews of their experience with LegalZoom. They complain about the service they received.

Don’t believe me?

I get LegalZoom LLC reviews like this all the time…

LegalZoom Alternative

Also, did you know that LegalZoom charges low fees upfront but upsells their customers? (so they end up paying a LOT MORE down the line!)

LegalZoom Review 3

And another one…

Is LegalZoom Good

and this…


… don’t end up like Paul, Taryn, Collin or Mark.