What is an LLC Business? (Benefits & Disadvantages!) (2020)

“What is an LLC business?” This is a question I regularly answer in blogs and in-person. If you want to learn more about an LLC business formation, I can help you get your questions addressed and answered.

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In the meantime, if you want to answer the question, “What is an LLC business?” you should read the following content to get a better idea of why this type of business entity is popular among both older and newer companies, especially companies that are newly established or are in the planning stage. 


What Is an LLC Business and What Makes It Different than Other Entities?

To learn more about the benefits and disadvantages of this type of business entity, answering the question, “What is an LLC business?” is essential. LLC is short for Limited Liability Company – a legal entity that is separate from a company’s owner. 

How to Convert a Sole Proprietorship to an LLC in California (2020)

If you want to convert a sole proprietorship to LLC in California, you can do so with my help. I am well-versed in all types of entity formations. Therefore, I can assist you in making this type of business conversion.

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Usually, converting a sole proprietorship to LLC in California will bode well for you, as it will enable you to make money with less legal and financial worries. The idea of making this change is to protect you from getting sued and to protect your personal assets. 


How Setting Up an LLC Can Help

When you set up an LLC with my help, you can do the following:

  • Limit liability
  • Manage your business more easily
  • Enjoy pass-through taxation, or pay taxes on your personal tax returns, avoiding problems with double taxation
  • Enjoy added privacy,

How to Close an LLC (And Not Get Burned)

Closing an LLC can be done for various reasons. Usually, an LLC goes through a business lifecycle – it is established, business is conducted, and it terminates. Unlike corporations, the business usually will not go on forever – a trait known as perpetual duration.

I can assist you with closing an LLC or forming an LLC. It is your choice. Before you make either decision, find out more about the dissolution of an LLC business.

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Can Closing an LLC Hurt You Financially?

When you plan on closing an LLC, you will need to comply with the operating agreement that was established – a contract that set forth when and how your LLC will close. The operating agreement is designed to outline liquidation and how the remaining assets are distributed to members. 

If you don’t have an operating agreement in place, you will need to follow your state’s statue with respect to default.

How to Dissolve an LLC in New York

For anyone who decides to dissolve LLC New York companies, they will need expert legal advice. I can help you with your decision to liquidate and close your company. 

You have to follow certain procedures to dissolve your LLC in New York.  Otherwise, you can get sued or get in trouble legally and financially.

Don’t try to take on this type of activity yourself. You need to rely on competent legal support. I can give you the guidance you need to realize a successful dissolution. You can contact me anytime at sam@mollaeilaw.com for all the details.


What Business People Should Know Who Dissolve LLC New York Companies

Every state has its own laws with respect to dissolving LLCs. New York is no exception. Owners that dissolve LLC New York companies must follow certain guidelines.

These guidelines have been established so a business closing becomes a more orderly process.

Again, you will find that you simply cannot shut your doors and close your company. You need to follow certain steps so the Departments of State will officially recognize your LLC’s dissolution.