DBA vs. LLC – Pros and Cons (Which is Better…)

When you are in your business start-up phase or considering to restructure an older one, one of the major questions that may most confuse you is what business structure you should use.

During this phase, most of the sole proprietors and partnerships are unable to decide whether they should register as a DBA or an LLC (Limited Liability Company). In other words, all it takes is having detailed information about LLC VS DBA.

Wondering what DBA stands for?

Well, it stands for “doing business as.”

While both options share a lot of common things, yet it is hard to figure out which one is best when it comes to choosing between DBA and LLC even if you know what does DBA stand for. Of course, you need to know about LLC VS DBA pros and cons to make the right decision.

LLC protects your assets from business debts and lawsuits. What this means is that if something happens to your business, then your assets, like your car, house, or savings account, won’t be at risk if your LLC faces a lawsuit or bankruptcy.