How to Convert a Sole Proprietorship to an LLC in California (2020)

If you want to convert a sole proprietorship to LLC in California, you can do so with my help. I am well-versed in all types of entity formations. Therefore, I can assist you in making this type of business conversion.

Just email me at anytime. I can guide you in making a change that will protect you legally and financially.

Usually, converting a sole proprietorship to LLC in California will bode well for you, as it will enable you to make money with less legal and financial worries. The idea of making this change is to protect you from getting sued and to protect your personal assets. 


How Setting Up an LLC Can Help

When you set up an LLC with my help, you can do the following:

  • Limit liability
  • Manage your business more easily
  • Enjoy pass-through taxation, or pay taxes on your personal tax returns, avoiding problems with double taxation
  • Enjoy added privacy,

How to Dissolve an LLC in Florida

If you want to know how to dissolve Florida businesses, you have come to the right place. I can help you with your decision to stop operating as an LLC business. Just contact me at for all the details today. 


What Is an LLC?

According to the IRS definition, an LLC is a business entity that is set up by the statues of a state. When you need to dissolve your LLC business, you cannot simply liquidate and sell the company’s assets nor tell customers about your decision to dissolve.

You need to follow a certain legal process, established by state legislation.

Therefore, the dissolution of an LLC is different in different states. However, I can show you several general steps to take, regardless of where the LLC is based.

Just ask me about the details on how to dissolve LLC Florida companies by email or by phone. Contact me, at your convenience, at

How to Close an LLC (And Not Get Burned)

Closing an LLC can be done for various reasons. Usually, an LLC goes through a business lifecycle – it is established, business is conducted, and it terminates. Unlike corporations, the business usually will not go on forever – a trait known as perpetual duration.

I can assist you with closing an LLC or forming an LLC. It is your choice. Before you make either decision, find out more about the dissolution of an LLC business.

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Can Closing an LLC Hurt You Financially?

When you plan on closing an LLC, you will need to comply with the operating agreement that was established – a contract that set forth when and how your LLC will close. The operating agreement is designed to outline liquidation and how the remaining assets are distributed to members. 

If you don’t have an operating agreement in place, you will need to follow your state’s statue with respect to default.

How to Dissolve an LLC in New York

For anyone who decides to dissolve LLC New York companies, they will need expert legal advice. I can help you with your decision to liquidate and close your company. 

You have to follow certain procedures to dissolve your LLC in New York.  Otherwise, you can get sued or get in trouble legally and financially.

Don’t try to take on this type of activity yourself. You need to rely on competent legal support. I can give you the guidance you need to realize a successful dissolution. You can contact me anytime at for all the details.


What Business People Should Know Who Dissolve LLC New York Companies

Every state has its own laws with respect to dissolving LLCs. New York is no exception. Owners that dissolve LLC New York companies must follow certain guidelines.

These guidelines have been established so a business closing becomes a more orderly process.

Again, you will find that you simply cannot shut your doors and close your company. You need to follow certain steps so the Departments of State will officially recognize your LLC’s dissolution.

Do Uber Drivers Need an LLC? (The Answer Is….)

Do I need an LLC as an Uber Driver? What tax form do I use for Uber?

The one downside of being an independent contractor is that you don’t have a proper employer to handle your tax situation or protect you in the event of a lawsuit.

Luckily, you don’t need an employer to enjoy being an independent Uber Driver and have the best of both worlds.

Setting up an LLC is simple to do, and comes with many benefits that will set your Uber Driver business up for success.

What are those benefits?

How do you set up an Uber LLC?

Should you form an LLC for your new rideshare business?

Keep reading below so I can answer all these questions and more to tell you how setting up an LLC is right for you.

If you have any questions about how to set up that LLC, or if you’re ready to get started today, email me at any time at

What is an LLC?

An LLC is a business structure that separates your business and personal assets which comes with many legal and financial advantages.

#1 Reason to Have LLC for Rental Property


If you have rental property, you need to make sure you have the right business structure to protect yourself and your profits.

I have helped hundreds of real estate investors set up their LLC for rental property so they can avail of the rental property LLC tax advantage from their real estate rental companies.

With my knowledge of the system in specific states, I can make sure that you:

  • Don’t have to take personal liability for when things go wrong.
  • Protect as much of your profit from the IRS as possible.
  • Make filing easy and simple.

Want to know about some more benefits of LLC for a rental property? In this post, you’re about to discover some of the reasons why an LLC for rental property is a great solution for you.

If you have any questions about this topic at any time in this guide, email me at and I’ll provide you with a personalized answer.

With that being said, here’s the best guide you’re going to find on LLCs,

California LLC Requirements: What’s Required to Start LLC in CA

California LLC Requirements

So, you’ve started a business and want to form an LLC. You will need to know the California LLC requirements for forming this business entity. Before you begin, let’s define an LLC so you are clear on the definition. 

LLC is short for limited liability company. Forming an LLC protects your business in case you are sued. An LLC can be owned by one or more people, each of whom is called an LLC member. An LLC with one LLC member is called a single-member LLC while an LLC with more than one owner is referred to as a multi-member LLC. 

Email me at to help you start your LLC registration today.

LLC Benefits

The main benefits associated with forming an LLC, including the following:

  • Protects against lawsuits
  • Cuts down on business documentation, when compared to incorporation
  • Prevents double taxation
  • Presents your company as being more credible

A large number of business owners like LLCs,

3 Major Tax Benefits of an LLC (Don’t Miss Out!)

Tax Benefit of LLC

Do you know the tax benefits of LLC entities? If not, you can find out more about how to take advantage of reduced taxes by forming an LLC. 

You may have several questions that need to be answered about LLC tax benefits. Most people ask the following: 

What exactly is an LLC?

How can I benefit from forming an LLC?

Why is an LLC formation better than remaining a sole proprietor?

To answer the above questions and help you understand the tax benefits of LLC formations, the following explanation should give you a clearer understanding.

An LLC stands for limited liability company. This business set-up is more personal than a corporate set-up, as the owner reports all of his or her profits and losses on their individual tax return.

You can benefit from forming an LLC, as you do not need to pay any federal or state taxes for this business entity. The Internal Revenue Service calls an LLC a pass-through entity,

Why You Should Form an LLC Today (Insider Secrets)

Why You Should Form an LLC Today (Insider Secrets)

If you work as a sole proprietor, you will find a number of good reasons to form a limited liability company, also known as an LLC. You can find out more about why you should form an LLC today by reading the following content.

Once you find out more about the benefits of forming an LLC, you will want to contact me to discuss forming an LLC for your business. This type of business entity is a great way for a start-up or sole proprietor to increase his or her credibility or influence. 


Why You Should Form an LLC Today and Not Wait!

Limited liability companies make it possible for you to do business and do it with more freedom. That is why you should form an LLC today, and not waste another minute. Once you learn the inside secrets of forming this company, you will want to email me for further details. I can help you form an LLC and direct you in the process. Send me an email now at

How to Convert Sole Proprietorship to LLC (& Why You Should in 2020!)

Convert Sole Proprietorship to LLC

If you started your business as a sole proprietorship, it’s time to start thinking about changing to an LLC.

Naturally, there are a lot of questions that come with changing sole proprietorship to an LLC.

“How do you change sole proprietorship to an LLC?”

“What are the benefits of changing sole proprietorship to LLC?”

In this article I will discuss the advantages of an LLC and how to change your sole proprietorship to an LLC in order to get personal liability protection.

The #1 reason to form an LLC is for personal liability protection. By forming an LLC you create a “protective wall” between your business assets and your personal assets so if your business is sued then your personal assets (like your personal bank account, home, cars, properties, investments or anything that you personally own) will be safe and secure as they will not be considered a part of the business. If you don’t form an LLC, your personal assets will be at MAJOR risk if your business get sued.

You owe it to yourself to understand the differences between sole proprietorship and LLC and change to an LLC as soon as possible.