Dental Partnership Agreement: How to Start a Dental Partnership

If you are a dentist who is in business with another dentist, you may want to form a dental partnership agreement to keep track of your expenses and income. While you can choose to form various entities to form your practice, two dental partners often choose this type of set-up to make things easy.

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The information below will give you further details on how this type of business formation works for dental partners. 


How Does a Dental Partnership Agreement Protect My Interests?

You can weigh the benefits and drawbacks of establishing a dental partnership agreement. I can help. To understand how and why a dental partnership may be right for you, you will need to define it first.

A dental partnership is formed when two or more dentists serve as co-owners.

How to End a Business Partnership [+ Formal Agreement]

A business partnership is like a marriage. When things go well it can make your life so much better, but when it’s time to end you’ll be wishing you had a prenup.

Having a partnership dissolution agreement in place in the partnership agreement or written during the dissolution of a partnership does so much for you and your business.

Not only does it protect you from liability, but it also affects your future credit score and keeps your personal and business assets safe.

Still, what is a partnership dissolution agreement?

How do you write a partnership dissolution agreement?

Can you dissolve a partnership without one?

I’ll answer these questions and more in the article below.

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What is Partnership Dissolution?

A Partnership Dissolution happens when a partner leaves the business, thus ending the partnership.

There are a lot of reasons where a partner might voluntarily leave the business,

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If you’re starting a partnership, you’re on the right page…

You should NOT start a partnership until you get a Business Partnership Agreement in writing.

A business partnership agreement allows you to structure your relationship with your partner in a way that suits your business.

In your Partnership Agreement, the details of your roles, rights, details of activities of your business, contributions, distribution of profits, and how disputes will be settled, along with other important clauses will be included.

Most partnership agreement lawyers work on an hourly basis but I work on a flat-rate basis to draft your Business Partnership Agreement which is more transparent and does not lead to any surprises down the line.

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What is a Business Partnership Agreement?

A business partnership agreement is an agreement between two or more parties on how to run the business and their various responsibilities/duties.

The concept of a simple partnership agreement is quite easy to understand.