Why Did My ITIN Application Get Rejected (And What To Do)

Hey, so today we’re going to be talking about individuals who applied for an ITIN through an IRS tax center, attorney or CPA, but got rejected.

Hey, this is Sina Bonabi from EIN Express. I’m an IRS certifying acceptance agent that’s been both trained and authorized by the IRS to help non-US citizens all over the world, just like you, successfully get there. EINs and ITINs for them.

We’ve successfully helped over 2,249 US citizens to get their EIN and ITINs, and we’d love to help you get yours as well too. So, we’re going to be talking about a question that I’m super excited to talk about.

The question is, a person who comes to us and says…

“Hey Sina, I applied from an ITIN through the IRS tax center,”

“I went through my attorney,”

“I went with my CPA. How come I still got rejected? Or why did I get a letter from the IRS saying, my ITIN is pending and that I need to provide more information?”

The common theme is that when people think when they apply it through an IRS tax center or an attorney or a CPA,