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If you are a YouTuber, you may have been approached by a YouTube Multi-Channel Network (MCN) to join their network.

As a YouTuber, you have to decide if joining the network is right for you — and if so, how to get the most from your contract.

YouTube network contracts are usually complicated because they involve networks getting a piece of your ad-revenue share for a duration of one or two years.

Only a good YouTube contract lawyer can ensure that you get the contract terms that you deserve.

Why YouTube Networks Approach YouTubers

YouTube networks are usually drawn to successful YouTubers for their own interest.

Once a network has signed a contract with a YouTuber, they offer him or her assistance in areas like higher CPM, bonuses, sponsorship opportunities and channel management and optimization in exchange for a percentage of the ad-revenue of your channel.

To ensure that YouTube networks keep this monetary source secure for a given time (typically for one or two years), networks will first ask you to sign a contract with them.

What are the Benefits of Joining a YouTube Network?

Joining a YouTube Network has some benefits, including:

  1. Higher CPM – some networks will offer to raise the rates in which you get paid per thousand views. Sometimes it’s a range and sometimes it’s a flat rate.
  2. Bonuses – in some cases, networks will offer an upfront bonus to you, usually in the form of money, to sign with their network.
  3. Sponsorship Opportunities – most networks will offer to bring you brand sponsorship and campaign opportunities.
  4. Channel Management – sometimes, networks will offer to help with the management of your channel. This can be in the form of managing the business of your channel or helping directly with channel management.
  5. Channel Optimization – networks will offer tools to optimize your channel to receive more views and reach more people.

Often, the amount of these benefits is determined by your subscriber level and your average view count.

Should You or Should You Not Join a YouTube Network?

I have been asked this question many times, but each time the answer is, “it depends.”

Ultimately, the most important question will be, “Will you benefit more by joining a YouTube network than not joining?”

If the answer is “yes” then you should join the network. If not, then you should not.

That sounds simple, right?

Well… it’s not as simple as it sounds.

How do you really know if you’re going to benefit more from joining a YouTube network than not?

Generally, all YouTubers have high value that you don’t ever realize. A YouTuber can create content that can rival that of traditional media at a fraction of the budget and equipment.

What makes you even more valuable and unique is that you carry a dedicated audience. When Hollywood makes a movie, there is no guarantee how many people might watch it.

However, as a YouTuber, you have a loyal fanbase in the form of your subscribers who actually want to watch your videos as soon as you upload it to your channel!

What’s even more amazing is that if you have great personality, a skill, or something of value to offer to your viewers, you will become successful… regardless of what YouTube network will or will not do for you.

That’s why it’s really important to weight your options and decide whether joining a YouTube network will benefit you more by joining or not joining.

That’s why it’s absolutely necessary to have a YouTube contract lawyer review your YouTube contract to make sure you get the most out of joining a YouTube network.

Why You Need a YouTube Lawyer on Your Side

Most YouTubers are not familiar with YouTube contracts… or contracts in general.

A YouTube contract lawyer is skilled in all matters involving YouTube contracts and contract law. Further, a contract lawyer is trained to read in between the lines of contracts and demand that terms that favor their client to be included in the contract.

You want to make sure the terms of your best interests are in your YouTube contract. And you want this to be in writing in the contract.

You should always have a contract lawyer review the YouTube contract before you sign the contract to make sure it matches your needs.

YouTube Networks are businesses and they are only interested in bringing business opportunities for themselves.

That’s why it’s necessary to have a YouTube contract lawyer on YOUR side to make sure you receive better terms and ensure the contract terms also benefit YOU, the YouTuber.

Need to Talk to a YouTube Lawyer?

Sam Mollaei, Esq., YouTube Contract Lawyer, represents YouTubers just like you.

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