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As a YouTuber, you may be wondering “How do I get YouTube by my side?”

One option to look into is joining a YouTube Multi-Channel Network (MCN)

YouTube network contracts are usually complicated because they involve networks getting a piece of your ad-revenue share for a duration of one or two years.

If you wondering, “Should I join a YouTube Multi-Channel Network?” because you are not sure about the complexities involved in a YouTube contract all you need to do is get a lawyer to help you with legal questions related to YouTube.

Only a good YouTube contract lawyer can ensure that you get the contract terms that you deserve.

If you want me to guide you about the YouTuber law, this post is for you. Read on to learn all about YouTube contracts and how Mollaei law will help you sign in YouTube to get the revenue you deserve.

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What is a YouTube MCN?

Multi-channel networks (MCNs) are organizations that offer assistance in video production, management, funding, audience development, etc.

These organizations manage and oversee several other channels that belong to or are part of their network. This privilege allows them to monetize videos across their whole network of channels.

Think of YouTube MCNs as a business that’s collecting many YouTube channels to be under their umbrella which brings all member YouTube channels under one major channel.

It’s important to know that MCN’s are businesses — they are created for the sake of making money… for themselves.

When there is a YouTube network, there is an opportunity to bring all of the creators together which brings more opportunities for all network members while at the same time benefiting the network’s business itself.

Remember that a YouTube Network needs you as YouTuber to join as a network — they can’t survive without you. So, why not consider it a business?

If you’ve recently moved to the U.S., you should find out more about how to start a business in USA for non citizens.

In simple terms, a multi-channel network is a type of organization that works with video platforms such as YouTube.

The objective is to be able to give assistance in areas such as Product programming, funding, partner management, digital rights, and audience development.

In theory, MCNs collect and are responsible for representing talent to content creators that have popular YouTube channels, and package them for the advertisers in exchange for a slice of their income.

However, you should note that the offerings differ across different MCNs. Nonetheless, they can help content creators build and share their audiences.

They do this by providing them with access to production resources and even seek sponsors for the branded content opportunities.

These networks bring in the business opportunities for popular YouTubers by helping YouTubers expand their channel and influence in exchange for a cut of their income.

Originally, the MCNs were smaller and very difficult to join. Only popular YouTube stars were accepted and benefited from the talent management, and cross-promotion.

They also benefited from the revenue they generated through the merchandise, the product placement, and the ads that were sold to the videos that were a rate higher than Google’s own.

Recently, the MCNs have opened their doors to the smaller YouTubers offering a chance for anyone to make use of the services that they offer.

Meaning that for the smaller accounts, their users can be able to make money from their videos easily especially if they are not already a YouTube Partner.

Thoroughly research MCNs, negotiate the terms of the contract, and understand the YouTuber law.

Also, have a Youtube lawyer review the MCN contracts before signing the agreement can ensure mutual benefits. Also, ask your lawyer if you need to apply for ein for foreign entity.

This way, a lawyer YouTube can also help enhance the partnership experience for both parties.


What Do YouTube MCNs Do?

YouTube MCNs basically do 3 things:

  • Bring together talent and production under one roof
  • Owing the content
  • Distribution of content

This can be compared to what the multichannel networks are doing today, apart from the fact that the control of the distribution has become a lot for them.

If you are reading this post, you are probably looking for some answers, therefore, consider what this post states as essential advice for any particular artist or content producer that is interested in joining these networks.

The main purpose of this post is to assist artists by preventing them from getting screwed over by their contracts or entering a legally binding relationship without understanding the underlying implications.

Simply placed, if you follow the following advice, it will mean a better deal for everybody.


What are the Benefits of Joining a YouTube MCN?

If you are starting a business in California and want to begin by joining a YouTube MCN, you can benefit from this business in the following ways:

  1. Higher CPM– which means higher rate of pay for your ads on your channel
  2. They bring you more sponsorship opportunities
  3. They can help you manage and optimize your channel


Why It’s So Hard to Succeed on YouTube

According to new research, it’s now harder than ever, in 2018, to break out and generate a sustainable level of revenue on YouTube.

Breaking into the top 3% of most-viewed channels could bring in advertising revenue of about $16,800 a year.

YouTube Category Matters

Of course, the goal is to be a superstar.

The top 1 percent of YouTube creators generated from 2.2 million to 42.1 million views per month in 2016. Those top-tier YouTubers often earn side money through sponsorships or other deals, so calculating their earnings is more complicated.

YouTube’s ad rates are vague and have changed over time, but the research used an income of $1 per 1,000 views for an average YouTuber to calculate the YouTube earnings estimates. That rate is a good rule of thumb for general ad revenue for YouTubers.

YouTube Category Matters

In 2006, the top 3% accounted for 63% of all views.

Ten years later, the top YouTubers received 9 in every 10 views.

The bottom 85% of those who started posting in 2016 got a maximum of 458 views per month.

However,sSome videos have a better chance than others. It’s become even more difficult to succeed by just vlogging.


YouTube Tips and Tricks for Growing Your Channel


Problems with YouTube MCN Contracts

Most issues arising between YouTube creators and multi-channel networks relate to contracts.

There are many possible benefits of partnering with MCNs such as higher CPM, easy access to editing and production facilities, access to traditional media, and the option of making money from copyrighted music videos.

But there are various controversies that have involved YouTube Networks.

For instance, Ray William Johnson criticized Maker Studio for putting him under pressure to sign a contract which gives the company a 40% share of all his channel’s AdSense revenue and 50% of his intellectual property rights as regards to his shows.

Ray stated in a statement that Maker used “thuggish tactics” to really pressure him into signing the contract.

This was leveraging his AdSense account for YourFavoriteMartian’s intellectual property rights.

In line with the above content creator example, content owners should involve a Youtube lawyer to help them read through every agreement and fine print that they have to sign.

Since MCNs are for-profit businesses, YouTubers and channels should always seek legal advice from a competent contract review attorney to help them guard their interests.

With access to the internet, anyone can upload a content video to YouTube and make money off it. But first, one has to become a YouTube Partner by getting a lawyer.


How YouTube MCN Contracts Work

Typically, an MCN will approach you to join their network with a contract that you will need to review and sign after taking legal help from Mollaei law if you choose to be a part of the multi-channel network.

The value for the MCN is that they will get your views – they will add your view count to their overall view count which helps grow their MCN.

This allows the network to get more branding opportunities. An MCN will have more opportunities to get more opportunities because they can package a bunch of YouTubers together and they can offer the deal to brands.

Again, MCN’s need YOU, the YouTuber. So make sure when you’re joining this network, they are offering a value equal to what they’re asking.

Because in most cases, they are asking for a portion of your ad revenue. This is a big deal because most of the time this is where your source of revenue is!

Why would MCNs deserve your portion of ad revenue?

Further, MCN will ask for a percentage of sale opportunities or branded sponsorships. You want to make sure that whatever they’re asking from you, MCNs are returning equal value or MORE.

I hope this answers your question, “How do I know if I need a lawyer?”


What You Need to Know About an MCN Contract

The prospect of getting to work with a company and grow your specific video channel is an appealing aspect to many.

However, when getting into these contracts, you should be aware that not all the networks have your best interest at heart.

Before getting your hands dirty with MCNs, get some advice from a YouTube attorney who can provide you YouTube services regarding the YouTuber law.

Ensure that you are up to speed with the law and fully understand what you are getting yourself into. With the help of a YouTube attorney, you can be able to avoid getting trapped. 


It’s all about the money

Let’s be wholly honest, the MCNs are in it for the money! You are only allocated 55% of your advertising revenue.

This is because Google takes 45%, and the MCNs take a slice of your remaining 55% at times, this might be as high as 30%.

Not so appealing right?

Therefore, before you get to sign any contract or agreement, go through the specifications with me (Sam Mollaei – your YouTube attorney). I will explain you about Mollaei law.

Also, I will ensure that you fully understand what the MCN is going to do for you in return for offering them a share of your money. To begin learning, just email me at


Do proper research

Networks may tell you things to impress you, ensure that you investigate the MCN that you want to consider joining.

Make sure you have checked the Networks reputation online. There are often unhappy clients who have offered informative rants.

Do a thorough search and investigate if they have heard any run-ins with the law and specifically in relations to contracts and violations, the chances are that you might suffer the same fate in their hands.


Promises that are too good

In case, the network is not willing to put a particular promise in your contract, and then it’s very unlikely that they will own up to it.

In case they claim that they will get you brand sponsorship and increase your potential revenue, they ensure that they quantify that in your contract.

Never sign anything that doesn’t say, “We guarantee this, by then, if not, you can leave.” If you have any doubts about it, get further clarification from the YouTube attorney.


3 Things You Should Do Before Joining a YouTube MCN

Before joining an MCN according to the YouTuber law, you should research the different types of networks out there.

One network may be willing to cater to your needs or one may be offering more incentives than the others.

Once you narrow down the list of networks that work for you, do a thorough research and investigation of the networks.

It would be beneficial to look into areas such as run-ins with the law, previous contracts, or any contract violations etc. Their reputation and client reviews may also offer valuable insight into the networks.

Another approach is to ask for insight from fellow YouTubers who are already under the network. Do not limit yourself to just the main stars of the network but also get to know the other YouTubers as well.

This will help you develop a bigger picture of what the network is like. In any case, if you are unsure about committing to a network, ask for a trial before signing a contract.

Investigating various networks will help you gauge which one works best for you.


1. Never offer an MCN your own money

Even though they take a slice of your advertising revenue, they should never ask you to send them money up front, in case they do, seek assistance from your YouTube attorney.

Always be suspicious of any network that will ask you to pay for a photo or showreel.


2. Record everything

Another tip is to record everything in writing and renegotiate contract if needed. By recording everything in writing, you can clearly review all details and ask a YouTube attorney for clarification if something is ambiguous.

Some issues that can be negotiated are a higher cost per thousand impressions (CPMs), sponsorship opportunities, channel management, production equipment, etc. Review the pros and cons of having a network step in to fulfill certain needs.

If a network is unwilling to put a promise into the contract, they are most likely to maintain their end of the bargain. If you can renegotiate for the promise, be certain that the next draft of the contract has the network quantify and guarantee when and how they will deliver the promise.

Do not be intimidated by the networks into accepting the first draft of a contract. As a content creator, you have something that the networks need in order to make business. You have the power to negotiate a better deal.


3. Have a YouTube Lawyer Review YouTube MCN Contract

Before signing the contract, have a YouTube lawyer review the details. Contracts usually come with complications. It is recommended that YouTubers create multiple drafts and have lawyers review it before signing. Getting a lawyer will help you limit the liability or other issues later on.

A lawyer can read between the lines and decipher the legal jargon that may cause ambiguities and confusion. They can clarify uncertainties surrounding duties or responsibilities.

They will also be able to assist you in arguing for a better contract agreement that matches your needs and also benefits you. A lawyer will work in your interest to make sure that the terms of the contract are upheld and in the event that the contract is broken, they can also better represent you in court.

MCNs are business opportunities for YouTubers. It may seem like an arduous task in partnering with MCNs. However, if YouTubers carefully consider all options before signing a contract, it may establish a mutually beneficial relationship and business.

Lastly, you should note that the MCNs are purely after money. Make sure that you are the one gaining the most out of your hard work, or else they might just maximize your efforts for their own benefit.

You want to have a win-win situation, of course. That’s when you have the support from Mollaie Law. I’m Sam Mollaei, your YouTube lawyer who will assure that you earn the revenue you deserve the most.

Getting in touch with me just requires a click. Email me today at


Why are MCNs Popular

It has been estimated that in each month, YouTube has been able to draw about a billion unique visitors who have the privilege of watching a combined sum of about 6 billion hours of video.

This massive user base that is about 40 percent of the world’s online population. It has been able to attract a new breed of company that we now called the Multichannel Network, the MCN.

The MCNs aggregate thousands of video channels and a massive community of content creators, who partner with YouTube to be able to syndicate and monetize their content while at the same time having the luxury of distributing videos on their own websites.


3 Reasons to Join a YouTube MCN

The top 3 reasons why you may consider joining a YouTube MCN:


1. For Protection and Management of your Network

Many of the YouTubers don’t necessarily worry about the management of the digital rights of their content and sending emails to their specific partners.

A good thing the MCNs do is to offer support in these specific areas, and they are equipped with a team of experts that help control the behind-the-scene happenings of your channel.

This is an important benefit to the content producer who most of the time wants to focus on content creation rather than the cooperate aspects of the channel.


2. Cross-Channel Collaborations

One of the greatest benefits of joining an MCN on YouTube is the fact that there is potential for collaborations with other members of the network that you are in.

Collaborations are a great way to build your subscriber count. This is because it gets more eyes on your content by reaching a whole new audience that your channel did not have before, expanding your viewership in the long run.

Most of these networks usually have a broad catalog of video makers and they often encourage them to work together for mutual benefit. This is something that your channel can take full advantage of.


3. Sponsorships

While the MCNs are known to take a percentage of your ad revenue, they also assist in the boosting of your income in some different ways.

When you join an MCN, it can help you get a higher CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) which they often claim is achievable due to brands and sponsorship.

However, be very cautious about this fact. Get your YouTube lawyer see you through this.


3 Tips to Negotiating a Good YouTube MCN Contract

You may be wondering whether or not you need to join a YouTube multi-channel network. Are you asking yourself, “Should I become a YouTuber?”

There has been a rapid rise of online video studios and YouTube networks like Bigframe, Machinima, Fullscreen and a host of a lot more others that have newer options that creators can consider.

However, the process of navigating this new world can be a bit overwhelming because you should have a fair idea how to join YouTube.

The prospect of working with a company to grow your channel and earn potentially more money is an appealing aspect to many creative producers.

However, not all the networks around have your best interest at heart.

Getting an email from a YouTube multi-channel network may seem like a flattering and exciting gesture, but you need to be careful when signing up with these channels.

The following are important tips can assist you during an MCN contract:


Tip #1: You own the content so you have the power

Let’s get one thing straight: you own the content. Therefore, it has proven itself to the extent that you have built an audience and have some considerable audience.

Perhaps, you are simply making some good work, and that’s exactly what the MCNs need.

Their entire business model greatly relies on a creative like you to supply them with content so that they can thrive, generating viewership.

When the channel lacks views, it means there will be no money, meaning no business. Therefore, your content in simple terms represents a business opportunity that they so desperately need.

Therefore, when getting into a relationship with the MCNs, you will need to relate to it as a business.

So here’s the tip: never agree to get into a relationship with an MCN where they are passively siphoning off your income if they are not improving your prospects beyond what you had before you got into this relationship with them.

Make sure that you weigh what you are giving against what you are getting, make sure that it is fair.

How will you know what is fair, by the way?

There are no rules here. What might be fair to you, might not be fair for another. Seek legal advice from your YouTube attorney to make sure that you are getting the best deal out of your contract with the MCN.


Tip #2: Lawyer up before you sign any contract

Never sign the first draft of the contract that is sent to you by the network. When you first get the contract, that’s the beginning of the negotiation.

You have every right in the world to have the things that you don’t like changed. You can communicate the changes by altering the contract and sending it back to the network.

Some of the contracts that are sent over by the MCNs are frankly absurd and should not be signed under any circumstances.

The thing is, these companies have a legal team and lawyers on retainer, and they are paid to ensure the network gets the best deal possible.

So, unless you are a qualified YouTube lawyer, you are not qualified to beat these guys yet.

Therefore, you will need to get a hold of a YouTube Lawyer, pay them, and let them review your YouTube contract point by point with you to ensure that you understand the YouTuber law.


Tip #3: Time moves fast online

Two-year contract? That’s a lifetime. This is the internet. Time moves first. In simple terms, a lot can happen in two years.

Therefore, as a starting point, you should look at the contract term that lasts from six months to a year depending on the deal that you are getting with the network.

You should know that one reason the networks ask for a long-term commitment is so that they can reasonably sell you to their advertisers throughout the year. Therefore, whatever you sign should take you out through the year.

In this kind of situation, make sure you go through the contract with your YouTube attorney to determine the contract length with the network, and if the length will be beneficial to your needs.


Why Have a YouTube MCN Contract Reviewed?

However, with contracts comes complications and this stays true even for people like Grace Helbig.  Rob Barnett, the CEO of an MCN called My Damn Channel, discovered Helbig through her vlogs on YouTube.

They partnered with her, and as a result, the DailyGrace YouTube channel was formed in 2010.

In 2013, Social Blade showed that the DailyGrace channel had 3 million subs, about 200 million video views and more than $725,000 in annual earnings.

It is not clear whether Helbig got a YouTube lawyer to read her contract with My Damn Channel before she signed it.

What is clear is that after five years with MDC, the YouTube star chose to leave the network in December 2013. Her contract with the network had expired and she decided not to renew it.

The split seemed amicable until the company announced that it would keep the DailyGrace channel active and post old videos that never made it to YouTube.

It soon became clear to subscribers that Helbig was forced to forfeit the DailyGrace brand and all the content she had posted on the DailyGrace YouTube channel when she left MDC.

That means she was no longer able to benefit from the proceeds brought in by the content she had created while she was working with MDC.

To avoid such a situation, you should always involve a trusted contract YouTube attorney to carefully read the contract you are about to sign with a Multi-Channel Network.


Why a Contract Review of MCN YouTube Contract is Important

You want to make sure the terms of your interests are in the MCN contract and are in alignment with the YouTuber law. You want it in writing in the contract.

If you do have a contract, you need it read by a YouTube lawyer who will conduct the contract review that will have your best interests in mind.

You should always have a lawyer review the MCN contract before you sign the contract to make sure it matches your needs.

In reviewing the contract, the MCN contract lawyer will make certain you understand the stated obligations under the contract. If there is any uncertainty as to the duties under the contract, he will clarify that for you.


Why YouTube Networks Approach YouTubers

YouTube networks are usually drawn to successful YouTubers for their own interest.

Once a network has signed a contract with a YouTuber, they offer him or her assistance in certain areas.

The assistance includes higher CPM, bonuses, sponsorship opportunities and channel management and optimization in exchange for a percentage of the ad-revenue of your channel.

To ensure that YouTube networks keep this monetary source secure for a given time (typically for one or two years), networks will first ask you to sign a YouTube contract with them.


What are the Benefits of Joining a YouTube Network?

Joining YouTube Networks has some benefits, including:

  1. Higher CPM– some networks will offer to raise the rates in which you get paid per thousand views. Sometimes it’s a range and sometimes it’s a flat rate.
  2. Bonuses– in some cases, networks will offer an upfront bonus to you, usually in the form of money, to sign with their network.
  3. Sponsorship Opportunities– most networks will offer to bring you brand sponsorship and campaign opportunities.
  4. Channel Management– sometimes, networks will offer to help with the management of your channel. This can be in the form of managing the business of your channel or helping directly with channel management.
  5. Channel Optimization– networks will offer tools to optimize your channel to receive more views and reach more people.

Often, the amount of these benefits is determined by your subscriber level and your average view count.


Should You or Should You Not Join a YouTube Network?

I have been asked this question many times, but each time the answer is, “it depends.”

Ultimately, the most important question will be, “Will you benefit more by joining a YouTube network than not joining?”

If the answer is “yes” then you should join the network. If not, then you should not.

That sounds simple, right?

Well… it’s not as simple as it sounds.

How do you really know if you’re going to benefit more from joining a YouTube network than not?

Generally, all YouTubers have high value that you don’t ever realize. A YouTuber can create content that can rival that of traditional media at a fraction of the budget and equipment.

What makes you even more valuable and unique among various YouTube networks is that you carry a dedicated audience. When Hollywood makes a movie, there is no guarantee how many people might watch it.

However, as a YouTuber, you have a loyal fanbase in the form of your subscribers who actually want to watch your videos as soon as you upload it to your channel!

What’s even more amazing is that if you have a great personality, a skill, or something of value to offer to your viewers, you will become successful… regardless of what YouTube networks will or will not do for you.

That’s why it’s really important to weigh your options and decide whether joining a YouTube network will benefit you more by joining or not joining.

That’s why it’s absolutely necessary to have a YouTube contract lawyer review your YouTube contract to make sure you get the most out of joining a YouTube network.


Why You Need a YouTube Lawyer on Your Side

Most YouTubers are not familiar with YouTube contracts… or contracts in general.

A YouTube contract lawyer is skilled in all matters involving YouTube contracts and YouTuber law. Further, a YouTube lawyer is trained to read in between the lines of contracts and demand that terms that favor their client to be included in the contract.

You want to make sure the terms of your best interests are in your YouTube contract. And you want this to be in writing in the contract.

You should always have a contract lawyer review the YouTube contract before you sign the contract to make sure it matches your needs.

YouTube Networks are businesses and they are only interested in bringing business opportunities for themselves.

That’s why it’s necessary to have a YouTube contract lawyer on YOUR side to make sure you receive better terms and ensure the contract terms also benefit YOU, the YouTuber.


Need to Talk to a YouTube Lawyer?

As a YouTube lawyer, I, Sam Mollaei, help YouTubers with the contracts.

If you’re a YouTuber, email me at to get help with your YouTube contract.

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