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Acceptable Dental Corporation Names

Are you a dental professional who wants to open a professional practice? If so, you need to know the acceptable dental corporation names to use. 

I can help you with setting up your corporation and naming it. Contact me and my staff anytime, day or night. Book a call to speak to us here:

Table of Content

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1. What are Acceptable Dental Corporation Names?
2. What Tips Should I Follow When Choosing Dental Corporation Names?
3. What to Ask When Choosing a Name
4. Researching Dental Corporation Names for a Fictitious Business Name
5. When Choosing Dental Corporation Names, Plan for the Future
6. Trademarking Dental Corporation Names
7. Requirements to Follow for Selecting Dental Corporation Names

How to File an LLC in California

Every state imposes its own rules for filing a limited liability company, or an LLC. Therefore, the following details will guide you on how to file an LLC in California. If your business will have a prevailing influence in the “Golden State,” you need to know this information.

I can also help with establishing an LLC in California or anywhere in the U.S. Simply email for further details. 

In addition, you can contact me or my staff – book a call to speak to us here:
Table of Content

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1. When You File an LLC in California, What Are the 5 Basic Steps?
2. Why You Need a California Based Business Attorney when You File an LLC in California
3. Naming Guidelines You Need to Follow When You File an LLC in California

Can a Holding Company Be an LLC?

Some people have asked me, “Can a holding company be an LLC?” The answer is, “Yes.” In fact, it is smart to make a holding company an LLC, as doing so protects it from disputes that lead to lawsuits or confrontations with creditors.

To better understand why a holding company can be an LLC, we need to give a definition to a holding company or entity. 

A holding company is an entity that owns other companies, called subsidiaries. It may also own assets. Some of the assets may include equipment, real estate, or intellectual property.

Therefore, a holding company does not engage in a business of its own. 

Instead, the subsidiaries, if involved in risky operations, rely on an LLC to keep them from being sued or falling prey to creditors.

You can learn more about how a holding company works by contacting me anytime. Email

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5 Step Process of Incorporation

The process of incorporation is pretty clear-cut. However, you still need a lawyer to help you through the steps to ensure incorporation success. By contacting me or my legal team, you can establish your business as a corporation hassle-free.

Book a call to speak to us here: today. But, first, read the following information to get a better idea of what to anticipate.

Table of Content

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1. The Process of Incorporation: The Steps You Need to Take
2. Choose a Name
3. Select a Location
4, Obtain a Registered Agent
5, Choose Your Corporate Entity Type – S Corporation or C Corporation and File the Articles of Incorporation
6, Obtain an EIN, Open a Bank Account and Finalize the Attainment of Licenses and Permits

LLP vs LLC: Which Is Right For You?

When you establish your company, you will find that you can set it up in one of various ways. If you and one or more people wish to serve as owners, you may wonder which is better – LLP vs LLC? The following information will give your further details about these business entities.

Table of Content

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1. LLP vs LLC: The Differences
2. What Is an LLP?
3. What Is an LLC?
4. LLP vs LLC: Which Is Better for You?
5. LLP vs LLC: Liability Coverage
6. LLP vs LLC: Taxation
7. LLP vs LLC: Management Structure
8. LLP vs LLC: Choosing the Best Entity for You
9. What Happens Next?

How to Register a Company In USA

You need to know how to register a company in the USA to form an entity, such as a limited liability company (LLC), or when you incorporate. Before you do so, you need to make sure you have chosen a company name that is unique. It also helps to trademark your brand so you do not run into any problems with marketing.

However, getting registered is the most important thing to do first. I can assist you in registering your company and putting it on the map.

I will help you with all facets of the naming and registration process. You can email me or my colleagues at any time. Book a call to speak to us here:

Table of Content

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1. How to Register a Company in the USA: Choosing the Company Name
2. How to Register a Company in the USA: Selecting a State

The Basic 3 Step Process of Incorporation: What You Need to Know to Launch Your Business Successfully

Different Types of LLCs

While some business start-up owners are familiar with the term, limited liability company (LLC), they may not realize that there are different types of LLCs. The following information will explain the different formations used in establishing an LLC. 

If you have any questions about the formation of an LLC or need legal assistance from me or my legal team, book a call to speak to us here:


Defining the Different Types of LLCs

To define the different types of LLCs, it is the easiest to distinguish between the different types of LLCs that have similar purposes. In this case, we want to compare the features of the following LLCs:

Let’s look at and define single-member and multimember LLCs first.


Single-member and Multimember LLCs

An owner of an LLC is also called a member.

What Is PLLC (And Who Needs PLLC?)

If you work as a professional in the accounting, legal, medical, or architectural field, and wish to establish a business, you may what to know more about forming a PLLC.

So, what is a PLLC (and who needs a PLLC?)

The following information will explain how this type of business entity works. A PLLC is short for professional limited liability corporation. This type of entity protects your personal assets and enables you to use pass-through taxation. 

By choosing this business formation, you can separate your personal and professional assets and avoid paying taxes on your business. Only your personal income is taxed, thereby making it easier to stay ahead financially.


What Is a PLLC and Its Legal Definition?

Let’s first give a legal definition to a PLLC by answering the question, “What is a PLLC?”

By definition, a PLLC stands for a professional limited liability company. Again, a PLLC offers tax benefits and limited liability for professionals,

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