3 Top Alternatives to LegalZoom

There are plenty of websites that offer legal services online.

One of the most popular is LegalZoom, which heavily advertises itself as the place to find legal documents and legal services for your business.

However, there are some much better alternatives — which we will discuss today.

A business lawyer is one of the two most important people that a new business owner needs. The other is an accountant. Your business should hire a lawyer even before you need one. Your lawyer will come in handy in giving advice on registration, drawing up contracts, and any advice you may need to start and grow your business.

When you’re in business for yourself, you’re always looking for the best options for your business.

We’ll save you the hours of research and have compiled you with 3 top alternatives to LegalZoom you can use right now…

1. Mollaei Law

Mollaei Law is a law firm specializing in business law serving businesses and entrepreneurs.

Whether you’re looking to form a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or Corporation, or register a Trademark for your product or service, or need assistance drafting and reviewing contracts, Sam Mollaei, Esq., head business attorney, for Mollaei Law is ready to answer your questions.

2. BizFilings

BizFilings offers its customers an order processing to ensure that the business stays legal for their lifetime.

The services offered in each package (basic, standard, or complete) vary but all packages include business name verification, preparation and filing of all documents, plus a 24 hour monitoring tool for one to assess their compliance with legal regulations. Each package also includes 6 months of free Registered Agent services.

3. Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer offers clients years of experience and assures clients of a relatively stress-free time once they entrust their business to them.

Rocket Lawyer has the added advantage of Google Ventures backing up their service of incorporating your business. Google has given their stamp of approval for this and has invested in their company.

Which Alternative Will You Choose?

No matter which legal alternative to LegalZoom you choose, always make sure to have a business lawyer work with you personally.

How to Reach Business Lawyer

If you have any questions about which service is right for you, contact business lawyer, Sam Mollaei, Esq. at [email protected]

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