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5 Banks That Accept ITIN Numbers (For Non-U.S. Citizens)


Usually, banks that have international branches accept ITIN numbers.

I usually recommend that you go with an international branch and create an account with them at your home branch to make the process of opening a US bank account a little easier.

As of this writing, all the following banks accept ITINs.

If you don’t have your ITIN yet, you will not be able to open a US bank account without one.

If you need an ITIN, apply for your ITIN on this page.

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Mollaei Law Bank Service

After 2 years of hard work, we’re REALLY excited to officially announce we’re offering a safe and secure service to open U.S. business checking accounts remotely without visiting the U.S.

We’ve worked very closely with our bank to make sure what we’re offering is completely SAFE and LEGAL for everyone involved.

With your own U.S. business bank account you will be able to:

    ? Accept USD dollar payments from U.S. clients

    ? Open payment gateways with Stripe and PayPal

    ? Deposit and wire transfer money into your account

    ? Avoid excessively overpriced multiple currency exchange fees

    ? Get full access to view and monitor your U.S. business checking account balance online and on your mobile phone

Other benefits you will receive:

    ⚡️ Get SWIFT number and ROUTING number

    ⚡️ Get international incoming and outgoing wires

    ⚡️ Get domestic U.S. incoming and outgoing wires

    ⚡️ Bank account can be used with Stripe, PayPal, Amazon

    ⚡️ Your physical U.S. bank is FDIC Insured

    ⚡️ 30 Minute Consulting Call and 60 Days Follow Up Call

Let us help you open your bank account remotely! Book a call with us here:


Does Chase Accept ITIN

Chase does accept ITIN.


Bank of America

Bank of America generally will allow a bank account to be opened without a Social Security Number (SSN). However, you will have to provide two pieces of identification, which can be your ITIN and passport.

Additionally, they’ll also need you to provide your proof of address in the US.

According to NerdWallet, with this information, you should be able to open a Bank of America Awards Savings Account.

The only drawback to opening a bank account with them is that you’ll have to go into the branch to do it. Opening an online account won’t be an option.



Chase is another banking institution that allows you to open a bank account with your ITIN. Like Bank of America, expect to have to provide proof of US residency and another document to confirm your identity in addition to your ITIN.

According to WalletHub, you may even be able to apply for their Chase Freedom Unlimited card with your ITIN as well.



Citibank accepts ITINs to open bank accounts. However, as with Bank of America, you won’t be able to do your application online without being a U.S. Citizen.

Instead, you’ll have to go to a branch where you should be prepared to show two forms of identification and proof of a US residence.

Need help deciding which bank would be perfect for your financial situation? Find out more here.


Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is an ITIN friendly bank. Plus, once you have established a credit history you may also be able to apply for some of their other financial services.

With Wells Fargo you will need to go inside of a branch, however, as with the previously mentioned financial institutions, you’ll just need to show your documents and the process will be straight forward.



HSBC is one of the more well-known banks that accept ITINs. They list all the requirements for starting a bank account with an ITIN on their FAQ page.

Additionally, HSBC is an international bank with locations in more than 60 countries. If possible, try to establish a bank account in your home country with them to make the process of opening a US bank account a little easier.


What To Do Next

Opening a US bank account with an ITIN is a straightforward process if you’re able to verify your identity, provide proof of a US address, and are open to showing verification of funds if the issue arises.

Understandably, there are a lot of options, and many smaller banks aren’t very vocal about accepting ITINs.

The process of opening your first US checking account doesn’t need to be filled with stress or worry. I’m available to chat if you have questions, concerns, or need someone to guide you through the application process.

Get your ITIN here.

Let us help you open your bank account remotely! Book a call with us here:

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