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Have you thought about who to contact about US business services? Probably the two people who can help you the most in this respect are an accountant and an attorney. In fact, if you want to ensure the success of your business, you need to depend on these two professionals. For all your business legal needs, you can contact me today. Send an email to sam@mollaeilaw.com to get all the information. Below, check out how a lawyer can help you out by providing legal US business services for a start-up or an established company.  

What US Business Services Does an Experienced Business Law Attorney Provide?

Before you contact a lawyer about US business services, it helps to review some of the business services handled by attorneys. That way, you can get a more detailed account from your lawyer about a specific service.   

Basic Business Legal Services

Below are some of the ways you can benefit from knowing an attorney:
  • Get help with business acquisitions – filling out the forms and proceeding with the transaction.
  • Receive help when obtaining business financing.
  • Elicit help when forming your business. Businesses can be set up as sole proprietorships, corporations, partnerships, or limited liability companies (LLCs).
  • Receive advice when initiating buy-sell agreements.
  • Learn more about the details when making commercial transactions.
  • Receive the needed assistance when creating and initiating contracts.
  • Get the support and backing you need to handle employment disputes.
  • Receive guidance when buying or operating a franchise.
  • Resolve certain human resource issues.
  • Get help with leasing or negotiating commercial properties.
  • Receive help when instituting a merger.
  • Create a succession plan if you are a family-owned or small business.
As you can see, the US business services offered by an attorney can help you resolve disputes quickly and transact business in an ethical and professional manner. Without an attorney’s help, you can become confused, if not frustrated, when dealing with business details.  

How My Firm Can Help

I can help you with your business formation, as well as other US business services for transnational business people. Review some of my specialties below.
  • Starting a small US Business as an entrepreneur – forming an LLC, partnership, or sole proprietorship.
  • Setting up a US remote bank, even if you work outside the US.
  • Obtaining an EIN tax ID or an ITIN (personal tax ID)
  • Establishing a professional corporation in the US.
  • Registering a US trademark.
Just contact me at sam@mollaeilaw.com today to get started.  

Do US Business Services Include Business Registration for Non-US Residents?

Yes! You can take advantage of US business services for non-residents who wish to register their company in the US. Actually, the process is relatively straightforward and not too difficult – provided you obtain the proper legal help. To register a business in the US as a non-resident, you just need to answer some questions. The attorney handles the rest. About the only thing you have to do is to sign, scan, and email a document to receive your Employer Identification Number or EIN for taxation purposes.  

Forming a Business Inside and Outside the US – The Benefits of Setting Up an LLC

Many start-up companies form a limited liability company (LLC) inside and outside the US. You will find many benefits associated with forming an LLC. Not only do the letters next to your business name add credibility to your business, an LLC significantly safeguards you if you happen to get sued or when you pay taxes. An LLC, as the name suggests, limits your financial responsibility, as it allows for pass-through taxation and enables creditors to only go after your company’s assets—not your home or personal assets—if your account is placed in default. Pass-through taxation means that your business is not taxed. Instead, you report your profit and losses on your personal individual tax return.  

Setting Up an LLC When Your Business Is Not Located in the US

Form an LLC in the state where you operate a company or have a physical presence. Otherwise, if you plan to set up a US business but wish to run it outside the country, it is best to form an LLC in the state of Wyoming. Wyoming is the most business-friendly state to set up an LLC, especially for non-US residents.  

Some of the Benefits of a US Registration

It is always best to register your US company as an LLC, as you will receive the following benefits:
  • You can open and access a US bank account.
  • Your personal assets are protected from any lawsuits or debts arising from your business. That is why successful entrepreneurs often choose an LLC over other business entities.
  • An LLC makes it possible for you to receive payments from customers in the US.

Send Me An Email Today

While many start-ups register and operate a business by forming an LLC, I can also discuss the pros and cons associated with forming a corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship. Send me an email today to learn more about business formation, or setting up a new company at sam@mollaeilaw.com  

What Sectors or Industries Benefit from Using the US Business Services Offered by an Attorney?

While you may think most firms that operate as businesses use legal US business services, other industries also benefit from receiving this type of legal help. Below are examples of all of the industries that can take advantage of these services.

Business Operators

Whether you wish to establish a new company or want to expand, a legal professional can help you assess the risks, and use the proper documentation for establishing your company.


An attorney can help a construction contractor avoid any issues that may trigger a dispute or litigation.


You wish to start this type of business model. If so, an attorney can assist and guide you in setting up a successful franchise.

Health Care

Seek an attorney’s advice when setting up a health care practice. An attorney can take the confusion out of certain regulatory requirements, including certification and licensure.

Real Estate

If you wish to invest in real estate, you can turn to a US business services lawyer to ensure the protection of your assets.  

How Can a Start-up Company Benefit from Using Legal Us Business Services?

You can greatly benefit by counting on the niche US business services offered for start-ups. If you are establishing a new company, an attorney can assist you with the following.

Choosing an Entity

When selecting an entity, a lawyer can help you decide on the formation, giving weight to the following:
  • How the formation will maximize your accounting and tax benefits.
  • How the entity will protect you from personal liability.
  • How the formation will pave the way for business succession.
  • How the entity will attract potential buyers or investors.
When selecting an entity, review the IRS site for small businesses to learn more about your tax obligations, as a self-employed person or small company.

Forming an Entity

Use the services of an attorney to help you choose one of the following entities:
  • A limited liability company (LLC) – one of the more popular start-up formations.
  • A subchapter S or subchapter C corporation.
  • A joint venture.
  • A limited liability partnership or limited partnership.
  • A professional corporation.
  • A partnership. 

Selecting a Name

Do you have a name for your business in mind? If so, a lawyer can verify the availability of a business name on a state’s records. Receive full legal protection for the business name you select.

Creating Specific Agreements

If you want to make sure that no misunderstandings arise during business operations, you need to create certain agreements. For example, a partnership should draw up a partnership agreement so no disputes arise about each partner’s role in the company. An operating agreement can also be drawn up if you have formed an LLC. The operating agreement spells out the members’ roles so conflicts are minimized. You only need to contact one attorney to help you with setting up a business or improving your operations. I can give you the assistance you require. Send me an email at  sam@mollaeilaw.com today. If you want to ensure continuing business success, you need to use the services of an experienced business attorney.  

What To Do Next

You can get the legal assistance you need when you work with a business lawyer who is top in his or her field. I can help people establish US businesses inside and outside the US.  Email today at sam@mollaeilaw.com. Let’s get started now!

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