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Do You Need a Business Formation California Based Attorney to Establish Your Business?

If you want to incorporate or set up a business in California or speak to a business formation California based attorney, I am here to help. I am number one rated online and off-line and can satisfy all the requirements for establishing a specific business entity. 

By speaking to a business formation California based attorney, like me, you can get up and running in no time at all. Again, shoot me an email today at to set up an appointment and go over further details.


How Can a Business Formation Lawyer California Based Attorney Help Launch Your Business?

Whether you succeed or fail in business depends on how you and plan how you establish yourself. That is where a business formation lawyer California based attorney can help.

You can use the services of a lawyer, such as myself, to establish the following business formations:

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Corporation – C Corporation and S Corporation


An LLC – The Preferred Choice of Most Start-ups and Entrepreneurs

The above list includes basic business entities. What you choose to establish depends on your tax and asset situation. Most small to medium businesses inside and outside the US frequently create a limited liability company or LLC.

An LLC features pass-through taxation. Therefore, you can include your business taxes on your individual tax form. You also are protected from getting sued or turning over your personal assets, in a business lawsuit.


Do You Want to Obtain Venture Capital Funding?

A corporation is a good choice if you want to attract financial support from angel investors or venture capitalists. Venture capitalists are more likely to fund businesses or newer companies if they go public or establish themselves as corporations.

I can help you with all the details and assist you in choosing the best entity for your business. Again, many start-ups begin as limited liability companies (LLCs). They may choose later to incorporate themselves. You just need my advice and support, and you can launch a successful business! Contact me at at your earliest convenience.


Other Important Services

Besides establishing a business entity for your company, a business formation lawyer can help in other ways as well. For instance, you can use the services of a highly rated attorney, such as myself, to establish a remote US bank account if you are a non-resident or obtain an EIN or ITIN for business tax purposes.

I can also answer trademark questions and reply to inquiries regarding paperwork submitted to the state. California features specific laws for businesses that want to incorporate, establish an LLC, or operate as a partnership.


What Should I Expect When I Use the Services of a Business Formation Lawyer California Based Attorney?

Once you contact me at, you, no doubt, will have several questions about forming a business and using the services of a business formation lawyer California based attorney. The following information can help demystify a part of the process.


How Long Does It Take to Set Up a Business and What Is Involved?

Once you become a legal client, your business will be reviewed, including your preference for formation. For example, you may wish to base your business in Wyoming even though you live in California or work and reside in another country. If so, I can help you make this transition.


Follow-up Activities

My legal firm will assist you with filing for incorporation or establishing an LLC, or to help you with getting any other entity off the ground. Set-up will entail sending emails or making phone calls to complete any of the required filings.


Registration of an LLC for Entrepreneurs and Start-ups

If you form an LLC, you will need to register your business. Registering as a US-based company enables you to open a bank account in the US, receive payments from US customers, and keep your personal assets separate from business lawsuits and obligations. 

If something happens to an LLC, the personal assets, such as your bank account, home, or car will not be seized. Most successful entrepreneurs form this type of company.


Is Wyoming Really the Best State to Set Up a Business for Non-residents?

If you are not based in California and live outside the US, you may want to establish an LLC or corporation in Wyoming. This state is a foreign-friendly state and for good reason. Establish a Wyoming LLC or corporation to: 

  • Avoid paying capital gains or state taxes
  • Pay a lower annual reporting fee
  • Enjoy business anonymity (members’ names are never disclosed to the public)


Should I Form My Business in California If I Live and Work in California?

It is best to form an LLC or corporation in California if your business has a physical and prevailing presence in the state. For instance, if you plan to solely conduct business in  California, it is best to establish a corporation or LLC in California.


How Long Is the Processing Time?

The processing time for forming a US business company varies among states, and therefore depends on the overall workload.


Registering a Wyoming LLC as a Non-resident

If you plan to register a Wyoming LLC as a non-resident, the registration process takes one day. After registration is completed, it takes two weeks to acquire an Employee Identification Number (EIN) or tax purposes.

Therefore, overall, it takes around two weeks.


Registering as a US Business and Resident

If you are a resident of the US, incorporation or forming an LLC varies by the state. If you want to follow a timeline, you need to send me an email to get an idea about how long you will need to wait. Check with me by emailing me at


All Good Things Take Time

While the time is not set in stone, it can take up to a month or more to establish operations. Keep this in mind when setting up an LLC, corporation, or partnership. All good things take time, so getting established will acclimate you to get used to filing forms and paying the necessary taxes.


Get the Need Legal Help

To make sure that all issues for your LLC, corporation, or registered business are addressed properly, you should receive help from legal counsel before submitting a formation to the office of Secretary of State. This advice comes from the California Secretary of State’s Office.

Once you make sure that the name you plan to use is available, via the Secretary of State’s Office database, you can proceed to form an LLC or corporation. While corporations need to file Articles of Incorporation, limited liability companies (LLCs) need to file the Articles of Organization.


Filing a Statement of Partnership Authority

If you plan to establish a general partnership, you will need to file a Statement of Partnership Authority in California at the county recorder’s office. If you wish to establish a limited liability partnership, you need to file an Application to Register a Limited Liability Partnership. Nothing needs to be done when you are a sole proprietor. You can conduct business right away.


Why Your Paperwork Needs to Be Filed by a Business Formation Lawyer California Based Attorney

Filings for California corporations, LLCs, and limited partnerships are frequently returned for correction if they are not submitted by a business formation lawyer California based attorney. This can add to the overall processing time. 

That is why you want to contact me, today. I can help you avoid any frustrations along these lines.

Typically, documents are returned without being filed because they contained mistakes, omissions, name issues, or misstatements.


Obtaining a License or Permit

In some instances, a business needs to obtain a permit or license to conduct business in California. The Secretary of State’s Office does not issue or handle permits or licenses. Cal/Gold’s database can be accessed for obtaining a business license or permit.

Using the services of an experienced business formation lawyer California attorney will help you obtain the required regulatory documentation. For example, if you conduct business within the city limits of a California city, you may need to obtain a business license, business certificate, or a home occupation permit if you work out of your home.


Creating an FBN or DBA Statement

A fictitious business name (FBN), or “doing business as” statement, must be created when a business does not feature the surname of an owner or owner and each partner, or the company’s operations are not clearly defined by the business’ name. You also need an FBN if the name of the business suggests that additional owners run the business.

For instance, if your company is called John Randolph and Sons Electrical Services, you need to obtain an FBN because the current business name suggests that there are additional owners. John Randolph Electrical Services does not need an FBN, as it is evident who owns the business and the nature of the operations.

John Randolph Enterprises, however, requires an FBN because it does not clearly define the type of business.


How You Can Make Compliance Easier

I can help you with a variety of business mandates when it comes to obtaining the necessary permits, licenses, and initiating operations. For example, send me an email at with your inquiries regarding the following:

  • Wage and hour laws, or establishing the standards for wages, hours, and working conditions;
  • Workers’ compensation information if you employ employees;
  • Employer identification number – how to obtain the number for taxation;
  • Proof of residency for workers – Any employee you hire must show proof of eligibility to work in the US;
  • State income tax information – or obtaining the proper state income tax forms;
  • Sales and use permits – also known as a seller’s permit – for those businesses selling tangible items;
  • Employer registration form – needed for filing within 15 days after paying over $100 in wages to full-time, part-time, permanent, or temporary employees;
  • Occupational safety and health plan for companies with employees; and
  • Harassment or discrimination notices for company posting.


Don’t Make a Move without Contacting Me First

As you can see, you have a lot to do when you establish a business, such as an LLC, corporation, or partnership, especially if you register it with the state. That is why you cannot make a move without talking to a business formation lawyer California based attorney like myself. Again, send me an email today at

I will do all that I can to ensure that your business will be formed with streamlined ease and convenience.

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