Small Business Lawyer Los Angeles: 3 Things You Must Know

As the owner of a business, you need to reduce the risks in your company — especially if you just started.

Having a good business lawyer on your side when you’re starting a business would help you set up the foundation of your company early on.

A business lawyer’s recommendations and expertise would help you make the right decisions to help you grow your booming business.


What is a Small Business Lawyer and How Do You Know if They’re Good for Your Business?

A good business lawyer always gives out sound advice. You can ask questions without the fear of being ridiculed.

A good business lawyer is patient and gives out straightforward answers to your questions.

They also provide you a peace of mind. You know that they would be able to help you out in times of difficulties to the best of they can. Make sure that you have a healthy relationship with your lawyer and talk to them once in a while even if there are no issues in the business.

Business lawyers also provide assessment and review skills. Most of the time, lawyers create and draft contracts and making sure they are implemented. They can provide you insights of your thoughts and add any details. Even the smallest detail in a contract can be significant in a contract, so they should have good comprehension skills in order for them to explain it to you.


What to Ask a Small Business Lawyer When Hiring ✔

When interviewing a possible small business lawyer candidate, always ask the following questions:

  • Work experience and skills. It’s best if they have prior experience with a business that is similar to the one you have. He or she should already know the ins and outs of what to do.
  • Long term goals. It’s recommended to get a small business lawyer that would last as long as your company is still intact. Would he or she be able to anticipate any possible issues or problems in your business? If so, what can he do to eliminate these problems?
  • Availability and the support he can give you and your business. You may want to put your small business lawyer’s contact information on speed dial, especially if you have a lot of questions. Would your lawyer be able to provide you his or hers undivided attention and would be willing to clarify any complicated legal issues in your business?

Why Should You Get a Small Business Lawyer in Los Angeles

As you are an owner of a business, you may have to juggle doing a lot of things at once. You would have peace of mind getting a business lawyer, knowing that their tasks will be dealt with professionally, fast and efficient.

Below are 3 things you must consider in getting a small business lawyer:


Startup Concerns & Licensing

There are a lot of startup companies nowadays. A small business lawyer will be able to help you do some research on certain topics like technology and e-commerce that may sound jargon to you.

Additionally, your business may have a product or an idea that you would like to license. You would need a lawyer to help you get a copyright and a patent for these ideas or products to prevent any intellectual property infringement.


Employer & Employee Liabilities

Lawyers make sure that you don’t have to pay extra money if there are any accidents in the workplace, if it isn’t your fault. These liabilities can get very complex and may need legal attention.

Your lawyer should be able to explain the “vicarious liability” or “respondeat superior” law with ease to you.


Business Contracts

All businesses have contract dealings not just with their employees, but with their customers, their independent contractors and investors.

Contracts may have complicated languages or there might be something in the fine print that you have not noticed. With a small business lawyer, they can easily spot them out and point it out.

There are other specialties a small business lawyer may have. You just need to utilize their specializations to make sure that your business runs smoothly.


When Looking for a Small Business Lawyer, Keep These in Mind

When finding a small business lawyer, always be reminded by these things:


Referrals do not mean that they are reliable

Have a conversation with the lawyer first before hiring them, even if they were highly recommended by your family members or peers.

Ask the lawyer about their previous work experiences, their qualifications and their strengths in the field. In this way, you would not regret hiring them.


Use all resources to find out which lawyer is the best for you

Going online or personally look for a small business lawyer is a good way to find one.

Be mindful that not all testimonials or reviews are legitimate, it may have been made up or a fake. Take time to research and if possible, join forums to know more about a particular lawyer.


Pick a lawyer that you can have a long-lasting relationship with

Make sure that he or she is trustworthy and reliable. They should be commitment in your business and will be there when you need them. Even if he’s the best in the industry with his expertise, if you are not impressed with the attitude, your relationship with him or her can get stale in the long run.


Don’t try to run a business all by yourself, especially if it’s regarding legal matters.

No matter what the task a small business lawyer would have in your company, it would definitely help your business avoid any legal problems it might encounter.

If you wish to hire a small business lawyer or have any questions about it, kindly contact Sam Mollaei, Esq., small business lawyer, at (818) 925-0002 or via email at


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