California Professional Corporation Name Requirements (3 Tips)

You have decided to set up your law practice, architectural firm, or medical clinic as a California professional corporation. Good for you! Now you will need to know the basics of naming, or the California professional corporation name requirements.

Yes, there are certain stipulations you need to meet for naming your business. You cannot just choose a name. You need to comply legally to your state’s requirements. You can learn more about naming by reading the following article.

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1. What 3 Main California Professional Corporation Name Requirements Must I Follow before I Think of Choosing a Name?
2.. How Do I Follow California Professional Name Requirements When Applying for a Name through the Secretary of State?
3. How to Better Understand California Professional Corporation Name Requirements
4. Steps for Incorporation

5. What Happens Next?

You also will need legal support for setting up your professional practice and selecting a solid and legal-worthy name. That is here I can help!

Contact a top business legal attorney and get more information from me and my team. Book a call to speak to us here: today. The sooner you do so, the sooner you can do what you do best, serving patients or clients.


What 3 Main California Professional Corporation Name Requirements Must I Follow before I Think of Choosing a Name?

Learn the basics of naming by finding out what California professional name requirements you must know first. Below are the main tips you need to know:

  1. Your professional name must be unique and not similar to another corporation name in the state in which you incorporate or do business. In other words, you need to apply to the Secretary of State Office (SOS) first and see if your name has been taken. If it has, you need to have another name in mind that you want to use.
  2. You should have some form of the name “corporation” in your business’s name. This may include the word Corporation, or words, such as “Incorporated,” “Inc.,” “Corp.,” “P.C.,” “Professional Corp.,” or “Professional Corporation.” I can help you ensure that the correct legal designation is included in your name. Call me so we can discuss naming and incorporation at as soon as you are ready.
  3. You should never name your professional corporation in a way that misleads the public. Doing so is a legal infraction that can cost you—literally—legally and professionally. You may inadvertently make this naming mistake. That is why you should always rely on legal counsel in making legal decisions for your firm.

Again, don’t leave anything to chance and risk your professional reputation before you begin receiving clients or patients. My staff and I can help you with all the required legal processes for naming and incorporation. Book a call to speak to us here:

Now that you know the three basic tips of naming, we can further explore the process of incorporation and naming. The following information will give you further insight into these subjects.

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How Do I Follow California Professional Name Requirements When Applying for a Name through the Secretary of State?

Okay. Now you have an idea of a name, you are ready to contact the SOS about the name you have chosen. You will need legal help when you do this, as it will speed up the process. While you can contact the SOS yourself, an experienced lawyer will ensure that all California professional name requirements are followed and met.

The SOS database for California can be accessed online, so you can find out if the name you have chosen can be used. Again, using the resources of an experienced legal team will enable you to take care of the process fast and efficiently.

Setting up and naming a corporation is an involved undertaking, as you will see. To incorporate your business, you need to have a name, so filing your name with the SOS must be done first.

According to the California SOS, you can reserve a name for 60 days. You can obtain directions and fees for reserving a name on the state’s Name Reservation Request form.

However, again, you will receive a better outcome by seeking legal advice and help when reserving and filing a name. Even if you reserve a name, that does not guarantee that the name meets all the specific requirements for the entity.

Names are reviewed to ensure compliance at the time the incorporation paperwork is submitted to the California SOS for filing.

A lawyer will know more quickly if you are using the proper name or are following the proper conventions for naming a business.

Let me help you with both incorporation and the naming of your professional corporation. Call me at for all the details today.


How to Better Understand California Professional Corporation Name Requirements

You can better understand California professional corporation name requirements by understanding the steps of a professional incorporation.

Let’s define a P.C. first. This type of corporation is like a traditional “C” corporation with one major difference. It is designed for engineers, attorneys, accountants, or doctors.

By forming this type of corporation, you can qualify for special tax treatments or add liability protection to your business.

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Steps for Incorporation

Legally, you need to form a P.C. to conduct business and provide professional services.Therefore, to start the process, you will need to have a name and do the following:

1. Draft and complete Articles of Incorporation and submit them to the Secretary of State These articles must contain the name of the P.C., a clear statement of purpose, the number of issued shares, the exact street name and address, and the contact information for the service of process.

When drafting the Articles of Incorporation, it is mandatory that the Articles plainly state that the corporation is being formed as a professional corporation under California law.

2. Select a registered agent. You will also need to choose a registered agent in California to handle the service of process for your P.C. An individual agent must live in California. A professional corporation cannot serve as its own agent for service of process.

3. Register with the proper state governmental agency Each P.C. must also register with the state agency in California that manages its profession.

4. Create the bylaws. Each P.C. operates under certain guidelines, known as bylaws. While you don’t need to file the bylaws with the SOS, you still need to create them to serve you in operating your P.C.

Well-crafted bylaws cover management issues, such as the responsibility of each director, the election process for the board of directors, and how stockholder meetings are held. By crafting the bylaws properly, you will avoid disagreements and can operate more effectively.

As you can see, how you name your business and how you set it up are keys to your success as a P.C. That is why you need to form a relationship with a top business lawyer. I can help you with naming and forming your P.C. Contact me for all the details at today.


What To Do Next

As the above information shows, you cannot go it alone when you follow California professional name requirements, or set up your P.C. That is why you need to contact a professional legal team – people who will help you go through each step of naming and incorporation reliably.

Book a call to speak to us here: today. Collaborate with a top business lawyer now. Who you choose to represent you can mean the difference between frustration and success.

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