Can An RN Work Independently?

Are you officially a registered nurse? There is not a single medical facility that does not have these wonderful people.

We often overlook their dedication and how nursing is one of the toughest jobs in medical aspects. So suppose you have been in this field for sufficient years.

Now you wish to be self-employed. The only blind factor is not knowing what an RN can do when leaving a stable job. Can an RN work independently?

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Is there any restriction to beginning a new journey of a self-employed registered nursing career?

Take Baby Steps

Let us acknowledge the elephant in the room – yes, you can become an independent registered nurse. However, it is not like investing in the shoe business.

We are talking about applying your hard-earned license to provide care for those in need. So breathe deep and pave the way.

1. Set A Goal

A change in a career path is never an easy task. Do you remember the days and the late nights you have burned by studying hard to get here?

You deserve to give your student self a commendable position. Therefore, clearing your goal, setting aside self-doubts, and progressing should be your top priority.

A goal is when you make a decision to do something. However, it is not always clear due to various influences. The plus side is that you can overcome this issue by creating a business plan.

No matter how small the venture is, you can make it to the top if you work toward it while tracking the development.

It also involves understanding when to make a change, when to remain consistent, or whether you plan on expanding. Besides, you should decide how to market your business and what kind of clients you will have.

There should be considerations of employee benefits, a timeline to abide by, and how to uphold yourself as well.

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2. List The Plus Points

Once you clear the goal, your next task would be to think of the advantages.

  • You will be more passionate by extending your strength and talents to the clients.
  • Personal growth will develop through the experience.
  • You will have control over the business.
  • Consider the positive aspect to stand you out that your supervisor recognized.
  • You can employ other nursing graduates if the business is to be expanded.

Also, pay attention to how you communicate with the patients. It can point you toward the type of career you wish to perfect as a self-employed RN.

3. Begin Gradually

Just because you have finalized your decision, it does not build the business instantly. It will take time for others to recognize your talent.

Hence, begin slowly. Remember that resigning from your current nursing job in a stable medical facility may not be a good idea.

This is because you must maintain an income source to live by. Instead, you can try cutting down on the hours in a shift at your current workplace.

Another way is to obtain a part-time position.

It does not just provide you with paying bills/rent but also gives you an opportunity to ask for feedback from workmates.

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4. Opt for Small Business Resources

Even if you work for many years, the saved-up amount might not be sufficient for starting the business. The resource you need to form your business will require some outside assistance.

It is highly unlikely to obtain such help from reputable sources. They will point out many risk factors.

However, do not let that discourage you if you are adamant about caring for patients personally. Try focusing on local management that helps small businesses financially.

Many local groups offer tax resources or grants, while others look for online platforms that allow payments as an investment.

It is better to take your time first. Start by taking an entrepreneurial course to learn the restrictions and rules of your city/state. You can even reach out to peers of similar backgrounds and communicate.

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5. Be Up-to-Date with Legal Restrictions

Despite being an RN, you may need to acquire a license. Moreover, some healthcare services may require you to obtain certain degrees. For instance, you cannot prescribe medicines without earning a particular degree.

It all depends on the legal regulations of the city/state you live in. You can consult with a lawyer for further guidance.

Be sure to acquire the license or degree before quitting the current job to start the business.

6. Respect And Follow A Planned Schedule

Do not forget that you also have a personal life. Try not to burn yourself out by overworking.

It may be chaotic at first, trying to tackle a job, learning about self-employing RN, and actually working on launching the business.

Nevertheless, find a balance in between. Prioritize yourself with some benefits. For example, cut back a few hours of your current job, and set a time for planning/envisioning your independent career.

Schedule a few hours for taking extra courses if you plan to take any for the business. Always leave a day or several hours a week for yourself.

Follow a suitable timetable closely to avoid exhausting yourself.

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Ideas for Independent Registered Nurse (RN)

Did you know an RN profession offers variable opportunities apart from only a nurse contractor? Below is a brief list of such career paths:

  • Concierge Nursing

It is an in-home nurse who cares for those recovering from surgeries or independent older patients. It may be a long-term service where the nurse and the patient may develop a bond.
Concierge nurses also specialize in doula services and hospice care.

  • Nursing Consultant

If you have years of experience as an RN, you can consult people in areas you are skilled. For instance, consultations about lactation, fertility, stress relief, or educating lawyers to evaluate a crime/case for plausibility.

  • Health Counselor

Also known as a nurse coach, who cares for a patient recovering from injuries, self-harms, and chronic illness.

  • Fitness Advisor

It is when an RN provides nutritional/exercise guidance or helps a person to meet the health goal with suggested changes in life.

  • Health Course Teacher

A freelance health course educator may be contracted in a firm, school, or other facilities.

  • Nurse Contractor

A nurse contractor is a right path if you wish to remain an RN. You can have a contract with a school, hospital, or other facilities that may need a nurse.

  • Provide Products for Nurses

All nurses require certain apparels or tools that a specific company may provide. You can enter this business after attaining enough experience. You can also be a consultant for a company in the same field.

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Once you choose the career path with an unwavering mind, you can utilize the RN profession to your advantage. It will aid many patients deprived of personal care.

So can an RN work independently? Sure, as long as you obtain the necessary licenses and degrees to specialize in the field.

You are free, like a thousand-year-old tree – calm and always spreading branches as helping hands. We wish you the best!

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