What Qualities to Look for When Selecting a Lawyer for Your Case

Finding the right business lawyer isn’t nearly as straightforward as it may initially seem.

Generally speaking, most people will only need to consult a lawyer a few times in their lives, so the search process is justified unchartered territory for many.

At the end of the day, a lawyer is an advocate—someone who fights on your behalf using reasonable, ethical, and cost-effective means to ensure you see the case through in good financial and legal standing.

Because your lawyer serves as a kind of counselor, it’s important to be choosy when selecting a lawyer for your case.

With such a huge pool to choose from, it’s up to you to decide which attorney is most compatible for you and your case.

Using this guide, I’ll walk you through which qualities to look for when narrowing down your search.



There are few things more distressing than trying to work with someone who you’re uncomfortable with.

Not only should you feel comfortable in your lawyer’s presence, but you should also feel totally free to open up to them and ask questions.

An open relationship will provide a comfortable venue for you to share information pertinent to your case confidently and honestly. After all, a lawyer can’t be a true asset to you unless they know all of the information related to your case.


Expert communication skills

Communication is key, and a lawyer without good oral and written skills is a total red flag. Fortunately, due to the rigor of law school, odds are pretty unlikely any lawyer in your pool of potentials won’t meet your basic communication levels.

Ultimately, in order to successfully argue in the courtroom before juries and judges, a lawyer must have impeccable public speaking skills and people-person qualities.

Lawyers must also harness the ability to write persuasively and concisely to make the best case possible to defend you and procure the results you want.


Detailed project management

Lawyers handle a great deal of paperwork, and it’s up to them to maintain a sense of order and organization throughout the duration of your case.

Whether you’re working with a criminal defense attorney or a business lawyer, your case has a number of loose ends that need to be precisely tied to ensure you see the case through favorably.

As lawsuits and cases evolve, they typically become more complex, and with that increased complexity comes a call for increased attention to detail, and flawless project management. This encompasses everything from streamlining projects to multitasking effectively.



Some attorneys see law as a job whereas others view law as a method to find justice where justice is deserved. Compassion is an essential characteristic to look for in an attorney as it truly defines how they handle their cases and how they interact with their clients.

Compassionate lawyers feel a client’s pain but maintain enough professional judgment to stay emotionally detached from your individual case. At the end of the day, you want to feel like your attorney is in your court and truly fighting for you.

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