Work with a #1 Rate Incorporation Lawyer (To Help You Start Your Business)

Work with a #1 Rate Incorporation Lawyer

If you want to ensure business success, you have to rely on the services of the following professionals:

  • A #1 incorporation lawyer or business organization attorney
  • A well-recognized accountant

Before you choose an accountant, however, you need to set up your business and formulate a business plan. While a financial expert can help with the process, an incorporation lawyer or business organization attorney should be the first point of contact. 

I am a #1 rated lawyer in the state of California who can help you with creating a business entity or corporation. Find out more about how I can give your business the kick-start it needs by emailing me at By using my services, you can realize your professional goals and make owning a business a reality.


How Can a Business Organization or Incorporation Lawyer Help Set Up Your Business?

If you want to learn how an incorporation lawyer or business organization attorney can help get your business up and running, you need to learn more about how incorporation or the steps of establishing a company works. The lawyer you choose can assist you in a variety of ways – all which will make you stand out online or in your community. 

You need more than working capital and products and services, you need a firm legal and financial footing. A top incorporation lawyer can provide you with the needed legal assistance – from submitting the appropriate paperwork to the state to reducing your chances of liability.

Therefore, use a lawyer’s advice to incorporate your company or defend yourself against liability and lawsuits. 


Types of Business Law

Before you sit down and review your legal needs, you need to see what business topics and areas attorneys cover. The main business areas include the following:

Business organizations or incorporation

You need a lawyer to help you decide whether a limited liability company (LLC) or corporation is better for organizing your business or preparing the required legal documentation.

Taxation and business licensing

While your accountant will prepare and file your company’s tax return, you need a lawyer so you can register your business for tax identification numbers. A lawyer will also help you understand how certain business transactions will affect taxation.

Contractual business law

This area of business law covers the agreements you sign with other vendors, clients, or customers.

Real estate law

Lawyers also cover commercial leases, such as those drawn up for retail stores and offices. Because of their complexities, they need to be reviewed legally.

Intellectual property issues

If you work in the media field or similar creative business, a lawyer can help you register your services and products for copyright or trademark protection. However, this work is often done by legal specialists – people who only do this type of work. 


Who Is the Best Incorporation Lawyer or Business Organization Attorney to Contact?

The best incorporation lawyer or business organization attorney to contact initially is someone who can help you set up your business as an entity for tax purposes. That is where you want to contact me for your small business start-up needs. Just send an email to to get all the details today. 


What You Can Learn from Working with a Business Organization Attorney?

An incorporation lawyer or business organization attorney can help you set up your business and learn about the following:

  • The pros and cons of establishing a corporation. This type of legal entity is formed to perform business as a closed corporation (where stocks are not traded publicly), or as a public corporation (where stocks are traded on the stock exchange.)
  • S Corporation benefits. This type of corporation features limited shareholders and provides specific tax advantages without stock options.
  • C Corporation benefits. This type of business features limited liability – all which is allocated equally to the company’s officers, directors, shareholders, and employees. The company continues even if the owner decides to leave. Tax advantages also prevail.
  • The benefits and drawbacks of establishing a partnership. This type of organization represents any business run by two or more individuals or entities. They conduct business transactions as co-owners.
  • Why a sole proprietorship is not the best choice for entrepreneurs. This business is owned and managed by one person. If you run your business as a sole proprietor, you are solely liable for any business defaults or obligations. Usually, if you are in this business set-up, it is better to establish yourself as a limited liability corporation or LLC.
  • The benefits of a limited liability corporation or LLC. This business entity is comprised of one or more owners, each of who cannot be held personally liable for company defaults.
  • Dissolution. This word comes into play if you terminate a business. It can either be done voluntarily by the company’s owners and shareholders or involuntarily through the court system.


Receive Tax Benefits

Any of the above information can help you decide how to best set up your business. Most business people rely on the services of a business organization lawyer to take advantage of certain federal and state tax benefits and reduce their chance for liability. Owners also ask lawyers to help them with the filing of quarterly and annual reports and follow certain formalities when establishing a company.

I can help you in all the above areas as a number one incorporation lawyer and business organization attorney. Contact me today at to discuss your business start-up needs.


How Does an Incorporation Lawyer or Business Organization Attorney Manage a Business Structure?

The whole idea of incorporation or forming a business entity revolves around its structure. Therefore, an incorporation lawyer or business organization attorney provides services that, basically, involve the following:

  • Changing the structure of a business. For example, some business owners may decide to change from a sole proprietor to a public corporation.
  • Modifying the structure of a business by changing the leadership. 
  • Answering legal inquiries that question a business’ structure.
  • Helping with dissolving a business.


Meeting Annual Filing Requirements

Managing a business structure also entails meeting certain annual filing requirements. By working with a business organization attorney or number one incorporation lawyer, you can get your business questions answered while ensuring legal compliance. 


Preparing the Documents for Filing

An attorney can also assist you in signing the proper documents. Learn how the documents should be signed and whether they should be notarized. Wet ink signatures are no longer necessary. Copies of filings and electronically signed documents are currently accepted by the California Secretary of State.


What To Do Next

Whether you are just forming a business and incorporating or wish to change its current structure, I am a number one incorporation lawyer and business organization attorney. Count on my experience to meet your business goals. Contact me by email at today. 

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