Can a Non-Citizen Start a Business in the US?

If you live in another country and wish to do business in the US, you may be wondering, “Can a non-citizen start a business in the US?” If you have been deliberating over this question, you don’t have to wonder any longer.

You can do business in the US and live in another country.

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Read the following article to learn the basics of beginning a company. I can help you through the steps so you can realize your business goals.


Can a Non-Citizen Start a Business in the US Who Currently Holds a Green Card?

You may currently live in the US as a non-resident and hold a green card. If so, you may also wonder about the following – “Can a non-citizen start a business in the US who holds a green card?” Again, you can own a business. You just need competent legal advice and guidance.

Once more, you will want to contact me at to get started and make sure you comply with both immigration and US business legal requirements.

The process for starting a business for a non-citizen who lives in the US is pretty much the same as it is for someone who already resides in the US.


Why The US Is a Draw to Foreign Nationals

Foreign nationals, inside and outside the country, set up companies all the time in the US. All have various reasons for doing so.

That is because the US represents a sizeable and integrated marketplace – a country that also has a lower tax rate. In addition, it is easier to sell or trade in the US

Actually, when you review the process, it is easier to start a US business than getting a green card to work in the country. However, you still need to obtain help from an expert business attorney. That does not mean the process is easy. 

Starting a business is just easier than following the format for acquiring a green card to work in the country. You cannot become a citizen or naturalize in the US unless you work in the US conditionally (with the green card) for five years.

Once more, don’t hesitate to contact me to help you get started in your own business. Once your business is set up, you will still need me to oversee any activities that involve contracts or state filings.

You should always have an experienced legal counsel in your corner. That way, you can avoid disputes and maintain good professional standing. Email me anytime at


Can a Non-Citizen Start a Business in the US without Facing Restrictions?

If you wonder, “Can a non-citizen start a business in the US without restrictions?” the answer is “yes.” Usually, you can start a company without being a citizen.

You can start or buy a company headquartered in the US as well. However, ownership does not give you the privilege to work. You need to obtain a work permit to enjoy this benefit.


How You Can Profit if You are a Non-citizen Who Owns a US Business

If you are a foreign citizen, US law will permit you to be listed as a company director or an officer of your business. However, you won’t be allowed to receive an income or other compensation if you don’t have a work permit.

This permit can be obtained by getting a green card or similar authorization issued by the US government.


How You Can Make Money

While a foreign citizen can earn revenues from what his or her company sells, they cannot obtain a salary from their own company or work in the US without a green card or proper visa authorization. As long as they pay taxes, though, on the profits their business earns, they can make money. Also, foreign nationals can receive earnings from a branch or branches of their US company, which are located in their home country.


Keep The Following in Mind When Starting a US Company

While the steps for beginning or buying a company in the US are about the same as it is for non-citizens and citizens, you need to keep the following in mind as a non-resident:

  • Foreign citizens do not need to establish a business address in the US to incorporate their business.
  • When creating a limited liability company (LLC), foreign citizens may own a US LLC. This business entity is a popular choice for start-ups, regardless if the owner is from the US or not. You should establish the start-up where your company is based in the US.

If you wish to save on LLC costs, Wyoming is always a good place to establish an LLC. (Ask me about setting up an LLC in Wyoming or another state – email me at today.)

  • A yearly tax return must be completed.
  • Most states in the US require companies to renew their incorporation yearly.

Again, establishing an LLC is often preferred, as setting up the traditional C corporation will lead to double taxation. Not only do you have to pay taxes on your business, but a tax is also levied on the shares.

Non-residents cannot establish an S corporation, as this type of entity requires that only US residents own company shares.


Receive The Business Guidance You Need

As you can see, owning and running a US business can be exciting. Again, you will need my help to establish your business and receive the business guidance you need.

You can realize your goal relatively fast. Contact me by email at today. I will do all that I can to ensure that you realize your business objectives.


What To Do Next

If you are still asking – “How can a non-citizen start a business in the US?” I can answer all your inquiries. I can be reached anytime at

Foreign citizens who wish to begin a company in the US have the opportunity to do so, as the process is about the same as it is for people living in the US. Remember, though, foreign citizens are not permitted to work in the US without obtaining a green card or work permit – even if it is for their own company. 

While it may be simpler to obtain a green card if you own a business in the US, that does not mean you are guaranteed to get one. However, you can make your dreams of owning a US-based company come true.

I can help you every step of the way. Contact me today at so you can get started now. There is no time like the present to get things underway.

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