How to Start an Acupuncturist Business

Starting an acupuncturist business is indeed a unique venture, as it does not follow what we normally think of as mainstream medicine. However, it is still a business and still must conform to certain legalities.

That is why you cannot set up a practice without consulting with a top business attorney.

If you want to learn more about the steps for setting up an acupuncturist business, book a call to speak to us here: We can help you stand out in your field and stay compliant.

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2. Starting an Acupuncturist Business: How to Begin
3. How a Business Plan Can Help When You Are Starting an Acupuncturist Business
4. Developing a Business Strategy
5. Learn about Starting a Business for Free
6. Choosing an Entity When Starting an Acupuncturist Business
7. Starting an Acupuncturist Business as a Sole Proprietor
8. Registering a DBA Name
9. Starting an Acupuncture Business: What Else You Will Need
10. Starting an Acupuncturist Business: An Overview
11. What Happens Next?


Starting an Acupuncturist Business: How to Begin

When starting an acupuncturist business, you will need to decide on an entity, name, location, and budget. To be successful and meet these goals, you need to develop a business plan.

Your business plan will help you define your mission statement and objectives, and help you keep track of your overall progress.

From experience, I can tell you that most acupuncturists do not write a business plan. However, this plan can serve as your roadmap for attracting clients or receiving business funding.

Therefore, I highly recommend that you draft this document. 

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How a Business Plan Can Help When You Are Starting an Acupuncturist Business

Let me further demonstrate how a business plan can help when you are starting an acupuncturist business. Review the main highlights below.


Developing a Business Strategy

When attracting customers, a business plan can help you by –

  1. Determining the people who need acupuncture in your locale by age, gender, income, or level of education.
  2. Determining where to find customers.
  3. Figuring out how to expand your base of customers.
  4. Determining your fee structure.

This information, in your business plan, represents your customer demographics. While you can choose an entity and set up your business, you won’t be successful unless you pinpoint your customer base.

You should make it easy for people to find you and access your location.

Use your business plan to define your marketing strategy and describe your purpose. You can also use this information to secure grants or loans for developing your business. 

Again, you can’t apply for funding unless you draft and write a business plan. The Small Business Administration (SBA) features information about creating a business plan. Refer to this resource to get a better idea about how to draft the document.

Because the main focus of most acupuncturists’ centers is on Chinese medicine, it is imperative to figure out what starting an acupuncturists business involves. Doing so will also help you communicate more easily with your attorney or accountant.

You will need my guidance and help during set-up and long after you start practicing your specialty. You can always contact me with your questions about compliance or your practice’s legal needs. Email today.


Learn about Starting a Business for Free

The Leavey School of Business in Santa Clara, CA offers free courses to entrepreneurs so they can understand the basics of starting a business. The My Own Business Institute offers free business start-up courses for anyone who wants to begin a business but does not have a business background. 

While you cannot depend on this information alone, you can still use it to better communicate your legal and financial goals with a lawyer or an accountant. 

The courses on the site, as well as the information you receive on the SBA website, can give you the business confidence you need to succeed as an entrepreneur in the field of acupuncture.

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Choosing an Entity When Starting an Acupuncturist Business

Once you understand the importance of creating a business plan, starting an acupuncturist business will be easier. Your next step is to determine what business entity to choose.


Starting an Acupuncturist Business as a Sole Proprietor

Because most acupuncturists are solo practitioners, starting an acupuncturist business as a sole proprietor (SP) seems logical. However, being an SP can become a scary proposition with respect to lawsuits. 

If a disgruntled client decides to sue your business, he or she can also go after your personal assets. If you don’t have much in the way of assets, this may not bother you. 

However, you still have to consider the professional perception people and other businesses have of your practice. Usually, acupuncturists choose to establish themselves as a limited liability company (LLC) or professional corporation (S-corp). 

Choosing one of these entities enables them to convey a more professional image and get any needed funding. While you can start out as an SP without having to register your business, registration as an LLC or PC is often a better move.

In most cases, I suggest forming a professional S-corp so you can get any necessary funding while avoiding double taxation.

Nevertheless, everyone has different business goals or needs when it comes to establishing their companies. Therefore, this type of formation may not work for you.

Let’s discuss what entity will work out the best for you with respect to paying taxes or attracting capital. Email today.


Registering a DBA Name

You may also want to register a DBA (doing business as) name with the Secretary of State. Your name must show the scope of your practice and must clearly demonstrate that you are an acupuncturist. 

For example, in California, your acupuncture business name must include words, such as “acupuncture” or “acupuncturist,” whether the name is fictitious or not.


Starting an Acupuncture Business: What Else You Will Need

Starting an acupuncture business also involves getting a business license and obtaining an Employer Identification Number of EIN. Again, make sure you prevent any serious legal repercussions by contacting me for legal assistance.

Email to learn more about getting a professional license or EIN now.

An EIN will be needed to open up a business bank account and file your taxes. You cannot do any type of business until you secure the proper license and have a business tax I.D., or an EIN.


Starting an Acupuncturist Business: An Overview

If you are starting an acupuncturist business, you now know that you will need to create a business plan to establish your business’s goals and to formulate a marketing strategy your business. You will also need to make sure the business name you select follows the naming requirements for your profession. 

What you choose for a business entity will be based on what you will pay in state fees, the type of asset protection our will receive, and your tax burden.

 If you want to protect your personal assets, it is best to consider an LLC or S-corporation for you start-up business. The SBA website also features information that will broaden your business knowledge.


What To Do Next

Since you already know some of the basics for starting an acupuncturist business, your next goal will be to contact my office. You cannot start any business and keep it afloat without help from an experienced business attorney.

Book a call to speak to us here: Give yourself a legal and business edge by contacting the Mollaei Law Firm today.

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