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How To Hide Your Identity When Forming LLC (Anonymous LLC)


Are you looking to protect your identity when you’re forming an LLC?

Anonymous LLC is the answer to that.

Anonymous LLC allows you to run your company without your name and address becoming a matter of public record.

How easy is it to set up an anonymous company?

But there are strict rules you must consider when running this type of company.

So why should you even start an anonymous LLC?

  • Confidentiality when it comes to your business dealings.
  • Privacy from having your name and address disclosed.
  • Protection from harassment.

If you want to start one you should get in touch with me today, so I can help you make the right decisions when you start your new private US business.

Email me at to get more information about how to form your anonymous LLC.


What is an Anonymous LLC?

An anonymous LLC has the potential to protect your privacy by using what we call a manager-managed LLC. This is different from the conventional member-managed LLC.

So, what are the differences between the two?

The primary difference is that a manager-managed LLC legally doesn’t have to make the names of its owners a matter of public record.

On the other hand, a member-managed LLC must make its names public on the LLC State of Information.

So what options do you have?

You can either make sure that you file as a manager-managed LLC to begin with, which I can help you with, or I can help you file in another state.

The best state for an LLC in this situation is either Delaware or Nevada as neither of those states requires you to make the owners’ names and addresses a matter of public record.

Found this to be a bit confusing? If so, send me an email at and I can break it down a little better for you.


What is the Best State for an Anonymous LLC?

You have many options for states where you can establish an anonymous LLC. Strictly speaking any state can manage an anonymous LLC.

No state prohibits this. However, some states are better than others.

What would I recommend?

For US citizens, I would always recommend establishing your LLC in the state where you are doing the bulk of your business.

This is because you’ll be hit by taxes from both your home state and the state you’ve incorporated in. It can be expensive to keep this up every year, especially if you’re taking various licenses and permits into account.

For non-US citizens the situation changes because Nevada and Delaware would give you automatic rights to be anonymous, and you can operate where you like.

This is why I always recommend Delaware to my online international clients.


Anonymous LLC in Delaware

Delaware understands corporate law and comes with a variety of private protections to ensure that you have the greatest level of privacy possible.

It should come as no surprise that one million businesses have been incorporated in Delaware already.

There are also advantages when it comes to taxation and doing business in the state. Some of these advantages include:

A Justice System Designed for You – The Delaware Court of Chancery is led by judges who’re experts in business law, as opposed to unqualified juries.

More Options – Structure your LLC however you need to structure it. There are more recognized methods in Delaware than anywhere else.

No Residency – You don’t need residency in Delaware, so it’s the best option for starting an online business in the US for foreigners.

No Corporate Income Tax – There’s no need to deal with corporate income tax in this state. You will have a small franchise tax but nothing more.

These reasons are why I always recommend non-US citizens to do business in this state.

I can help you establish your anonymous LLC in Delaware. All you must do is contact me today at and we can get started!


Anonymous LLC in California

California is another popular business state for LLCs. However, I wouldn’t recommend attempting to establish your company in California unless you are doing most of your physical business there.

California does not offer anonymous LLC. California requires filing a Statement of Information which requires disclosing the name of the Managers of the LLC.

So if you’re looking to stay anonymous, stay away from California LLC.


Anonymous LLC in New Mexico

The big advantage of New Mexico is that you don’t need to have residency in the state to take advantage of the anonymous LLC.

It’s also a great state to establish your company in if you don’t have a lot of capital. It costs just $50 to form your business in New Mexico.

Furthermore, you only must file once. So, you don’t have to worry about any burdensome administrative problems going forward.

But you don’t get the business-friendly system of a state like Delaware, which is why I don’t recommend it to my clients as the best choice.


Does Anonymous LLC Ownership Change?

Changing to an anonymous LLC will lead to no changes when it comes to the ownership of the company. An LLC will continue to operate in the same way.

You’ll still be able to pass the company on if anything should happen to you and you’re allowed to have as many members as the law allows.
The only difference is that a member of the public won’t be able to look you up. Only the state will have access to this information.


What To Do Next

When privacy is important to you, consider establishing an anonymous LLC to protect you and your members.

The most important thing to remember is that you should always incorporate your new LLC in your home state if you’re a US citizen and do most of your business there to defend yourself against paying higher fees.

But for non-US citizens you can establish in any state. Due to the business-friendly system, I would highly recommend Delaware.

For help with this, contact me today at and I’ll have your new LLC established in just a few business days.

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