EIN Without SSN – Everything You Need to Know (Latest Update 2023)

EIN Without SSN

Expanding your business to the US or changing the structure of your business here can be the key to profitability. And you shouldn’t shy away from this idea just because you do not have a social security number.

As a lawyer, I can tell you all that you need to know about getting an EIN without SSN.

So, here is the expert opinion: you can easily get an EIN without SSN.

It turns out it is not impossible after all. To get an EIN without SSN, you will need to proceed by submitting the SS-4 form to the IRS. It will consist of all the information related to the business, and you will receive your identification number within a month or so.

But is it necessary to get EIN? Well, that is also something I will explain in this article, alongside the entire application process and other things.

If you need an EIN but do NOT have a Social Security Number (SSN), email at sam@mollaeilaw.com and I can help you get your EIN.

Insights on EIN

Before we dive deep into “getting EIN without SSN,” let’s get you introduced to the terms first, shall we?

What Is EIN?

EIN, an abbreviation for Employer Identification Number, is a number that all new businesses need to obtain. It also goes for restructuring businesses–an essential that one should not neglect.

This term can be alternatively known as Federal Employer Identification Number or Federal Tax Identification Number. It consists of a unique combination of 9 numbers for all the businesses and is assigned by the Internal Revenue Service.

Why Is EIN Important?

An EIN is essential for any employer that has employees in their businesses. Partnerships and corporations also require EIN–otherwise, these firms might face a lot of hindrances.
For instance, if a business owner does not have an EIN, they will not be able to open a business account in the US. An EIN must also file the business’s tax returns and license applications.

An EIN will help the business owner keep their business and personal finances separate. Therefore, this has become a mandatory ID for business owners.
In some aspects, an Employer Identification Number is quite similar to a Social Security Number. And you might need the latter to get the former.

But is it impossible to apply for EIN without SSN? That is something we will further discuss here.

Can I Get an EIN without a Social Security Number?

As a non-US resident, you probably do not have a social security number. But should that stop you from starting your own business in the US?

In fact, can you start a business without a social security number in the US?

The good news is that you and most non-US residents can. If you do not have a social security number, you can easily apply for your EIN using an SS-4 form.

The SS-4 is an IRS form that will ensure your business gets its unique identifier even without you or your business partners having an SSN. Therefore, you will have to provide all types of information regarding your business in the form.

This includes the legal name of your business, its address, and the reason behind your application. The form SS-4 EIN is a quick and effortless application, and most can go through the process and start their business quickly.

If you need an EIN but do not have an SSN, email me at sam@mollaeilaw.com

Who Is Eligible to Apply for an EIN Without SSN?

Not sure if you are eligible to get EIN without SSN? Here are the suitable EIN entity types, and you should see if you can find yourself in the list.

  • Foreign Citizens
    Most foreign citizens who do not reside in the US but would still like to open a business do not have a social security number. And if you are one of them, you can get an EIN number without SSN.
  • Non-Resident Aliens
    Some non-resident aliens in the US do not have an SSN but still have a tax obligation in the country. You can easily apply for the employer identification number if you fall under this category.
  • Entities Without US Presence
    Does your business not have a physical presence in the United States?
    Some companies only tend to have an online presence, which still gives them tax obligations in the country.
    If your business is one of those, you can apply for EIN without SSN.
  • Foreign-Owned LLC
    In a foreign-owned LLC, a foreign entity either holds an interest directly or indirectly. For cases like this, you can get an EIN for a foreign-owned LLC without SSN.
  • Trusts
    Trusts that include grantors or trusts created under a will may not always be by individuals with an SSN in the US. And if you have a trust like that, you can apply for the EIN without SSN.

If you need an EIN but do not have an SSN, email me at sam@mollaeilaw.com

Can I Start a Business without SSN?

In most cases with non-US residents, they only tend to have one question: Can you start a business without a social security number?

Well, the thing is, a social security number is not something that you need to have to start a business.

Yes, a social security number is required for residents to pay their taxes and receive various benefits within the US. Still, it is not necessary to start a business itself.

Instead, you can EIN for non-US residents as a foreign national or a non-resident alien that does not contain an SSN. You can apply for it through the IRS, and it will simply act as the tax identification number of your business.

Using the EIN alone, you can open a bank account for your business and pay taxes as required. If you are a sole proprietor, you can use your tax identification number, also known as the ITIN.

But it would help if you remembered that the laws and requirements might vary from state to state. Therefore, before you start a business in any state, you should go through the regulations associated with that state.

Why Does EIN Require SSN?

Well, considering all factors, EIN does not require SSN. EIN is the employer identification number business entities must acquire for financial and tax purposes.

Moreover, it can be issued by the IRS in many ways.

But many tend to think that they cannot apply for EIN without SSN because the business owner (that is, the taxpayer) needs to have a valid identification number.

Now, this identification number doesn’t need to be the SSN; it can be the individual taxpayer identification number or the adoption taxpayer identification number.

And that is required for the IRS to identify the owner of the business – that is, the individual who will be paying all the taxes.

This is crucial to verifying the owner and ensuring that they have the legal right to run the business.

But since things are a bit different for foreigners establishing a business in the US, applying for the ITIN through form W-7 or the form SS-4 EIN should be enough.

If you need an EIN but do not have an SSN, email me at sam@mollaeilaw.com

Can I Apply for an EIN With an ITIN?

Of course, you can apply for an EIN with an ITIN. Here are the steps that you need to follow to do that successfully.

Visit the IRS Website

With digitalization, things have become very easy, as you can apply for an EIN online. You must visit the IRS website first and find the online application form.

Fill out the Online Application

Now, you need to start filling out the application form. This includes providing all information regarding your business.

Not to mention, you also need to provide your ITIN here. You can also give an ATIN here or SSN if you have it.

Submit the Application

Once you complete the application, you need to submit it. But I would suggest you go through it once more to ensure all the information provided is valid and correct.

If you need an EIN but do not have an SSN, email me at sam@mollaeilaw.com

How Do I Get an EIN Without an SSN?

Can you open an LLC without a social security number? Well, getting an EIN number without SSN is not as complicated as you think.

The process is relatively hassle-free; once you know the steps, you can pull it off quickly.

  • Determine Eligibility
    Since you don’t have an SSN or identification number, it is essential to determine eligibility first. So, you need to make sure you have a taxable presence in the US to get EIN without SSN.
  • Choose a Method of Application
    The IRS provides two application methods, and the good news is that both are effortless to execute.
    One is online, which would be through their website, and the other is through the mail. The mail option is mainly for those located outside the US.
  • Complete the SS-4 Form
    Now you need to complete the SS-4 form. You can find this form on the IRS website as well.
    If you are going to mail it, you should download it from the website to get your form SS-4 EIN.
  • Provide All the Information Required
    Start by providing the legal name of your business, its address, etc. You will need to give a lot more information to receive your EIN, so make sure you leave nothing blank.
  • Submit Your Form
    Once you have filled the form with all the required information, you should recheck and make sure you got everything right. Then you need to submit the form.
  • Receive the EIN
    Now that the process is complete, you can expect to receive your IRS within 4-5 weeks.

If you need an EIN but do not have an SSN, email me at sam@mollaeilaw.com

Can I get an EIN Online With Form SS-4?

You can use Form SS-4 to get an Employer Identification Number (EIN). You can obtain your EIN immediately after completing the form online – which you can download through the IRS website.

To apply online, you must provide all the necessary information regarding your company and its owners.

You can also go through this process through the mail, which is the most convenient method to get EIN for non-US residents.

It is essential to remember that the individual who applies for the EIN must be authorized to sign tax returns on behalf of the company in question.

Here, the EIN entity type does not matter; a taxable presence in the US is mandatory.

Do I Need a US Address to Get an EIN?

No, providing a US address is unnecessary to get an EIN through IRS. If you are getting EIN for a foreign-owned LLC, you are not expected to provide a US address on your SS-4 form.

But it will be necessary to provide a foreign address when applying for your EIN.

This is to verify your and your business’s validity, so you should give a legit address.

On the other hand, if you are not located in the US, then you will need a representative who is located in the US. It would be best if you appointed a representative to handle any correspondence regarding your EIN with the IRS.

There are a few conditions that you need to consider when appointing your representative. For instance, they need to have a US address and should be available during business hours to communicate with the IRS.

If you have a business partner situated in the US, that will make things even easier for you.

If you need an EIN but do not have an SSN, email me at sam@mollaeilaw.com

When Do You Need an EIN?

There are some circumstances under which it is imperative to get an EIN for a foreign-owned LLC. So, when do you need an EIN?

Here, we will discuss specific situations where it is necessary to get an EIN.

  • Hiring Employees
    Any business that has employees needs an EIN. So, when you are hiring employees for your business, you need to apply EIN without SSN.
    Since you need an account to clear your employees’ paychecks, it is necessary to have an EIN.
  • Forming a Partnership/Corporation
    If you are going from a sole proprietorship to a partnership or a corporation, you will need an EIN.
    Even if any of your partners or investors have an EIN, it won’t be enough – you will need your unique employer identification number.
  • Opening a Business Bank Account
    You can get EIN without SSN, but you cannot open a business bank account without EIN.
    So, when you are about to open a bank account for your business, you will need to apply for EIN without SSN.
  • Applying for Licenses
    The employers must have an EIN to apply for licenses in some states. That depends on the rules and regulations associated with the different states – so you should know about the laws in the state where you operate.
  • Filing Tax
    You will have to file many types of taxes for your business eventually. And for that, you will need an EIN.
    Hence, you should EIN for non-US residents before you have to file the taxes.

If you need an EIN but do not have an SSN, email me at sam@mollaeilaw.com

Why Do You Need an EIN?

Can you open an LLC without a social security number? Sure.

But can you operate one without an EIN? – Well, that might be a tad difficult. Here, we will discuss why you would need an EIN for your business.

  • Keeping Personal and Business Finances Separate
    It can be very easy to mix up your personal and business finances – which can lead to a loss in capital eventually. Therefore, it is better to get an EIN and open a bank account for your business.
  • Paying Employees
    Can you start a business without a social security number? Sure, but you cannot pay your employees without it.
    After all, your business will not have a bank account to do so. Therefore, it is always the better solution to get an EIN number without SSN.
  • Tax Returns
    Paying your taxes becomes a lot easier with an EIN. In fact, you may not be able to pay your business taxes at all if you do not have an EIN.
    Therefore, you should apply EIN without SSN as fast as you can.
  • Business Permits
    You may not get access to many business permits if you do not have an employer identification number. This also goes for licenses that your business may require.
    So, it is better to keep the coast clear by getting the EIN.
  • Changing the Business Structure
    If you plan on changing your business structure in any way, then you will need an EIN to get permission.
    Keeping things legal is the smart way in the US, hence, an EIN will be beneficial to you.

Can Non-US Residents Get an EIN?

Can you open an LLC without a social security number?

Yes, and just like that, people who don’t live in the United States can get an EIN.

Non-US residents may need an EIN if they want to start a business in any of the states, hire people to work there or have to file US tax returns.

Non-US residents can apply for an EIN online, by mail, by fax, or by calling the IRS. To apply, the person or entity must have a valid tax reason for needing an EIN and provide all the necessary information.

The information can include the name and address of the business, the type of business structure, and the name and social security number of the responsible party.

The EIN entity type should also be addressed.

Non-US residents can easily get the EIN using the SS-4 form, and the whole process is not supposed to take longer than 4-5 weeks anyway.

Hence, if you are thinking of getting started, then you should go ahead already.

Final Words

Now that you can see how easy it is to get an EIN without SSN, you shouldn’t wait for any further and get it already.

The EIN will be necessary for your business at some point anyway, so it is better to be done with the process as soon as possible.

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