Can Illegal Immigrants Open a Bank Account?


Wondering if Illegal immigrants can use an ITIN to open a US bank account.

Illegal immigrants can use an ITIN to open a US bank account!

If you don’t have an ITIN yet, read this guide on how you can have an ITIN in five weeks or less.

Once you have received your ITIN, you can open your bank account.

Need assistance applying for an ITIN contact me here.


Why Should I Apply for a US Bank Account as An Illegal Immigrant?

A US bank account protects your money, allows you to have a savings safety net, and helps you establish a financial footprint.

Most importantly, it will allow you to pay taxes, which works in your favor if you plan to become a legal resident.


What You Need to Know About Opening a US Bank Account

Be prepared to have to do more than a citizen to open your US bank account.

Basic things to know are below:

  • You will have to show multiple forms of ID. You’ll need to have an original copy of your passport, driver’s license, or Visa.
  • You must already have obtained an ITIN. This guide helps you with the process.
  • Not all banks will accept your ITIN. If possible, try to open a bank account at a branch in your home country first. However, some banks that are known for accepting ITINs are Bank of America and Wells Fargo.
  • Avoid online applications. Online applications are complex and time-consuming. For the best chance of opening a US bank account, it is recommended that you do it in person at a local branch.
  • You will have to make a deposit. Deposits usually range from $50-$1500 depending on the banking institution. However, if you open an account with a large deposit they will want to verify where the funds came from.

Open a US Bank Account Remotely

After 2 years of hard work, we’re REALLY excited to officially announce we’re offering a safe and secure service to open U.S. business checking accounts remotely without visiting the U.S.

This is great for clients who are thinking about moving to the US or have recently moved to the US and are unfamiliar with US Bank laws.

With your own U.S. business bank account you will be able to:

    ? Accept USD dollar payments from U.S. clients

    ? Open payment gateways with Stripe and PayPal

    ? Deposit and wire transfer money into your account

    ? Avoid excessively overpriced multiple currency exchange fees

    ? Get full access to view and monitor your U.S. business checking account balance online and on your mobile phone

Other benefits you will receive:

    ⚡️ Get SWIFT number and ROUTING number

    ⚡️ Get international incoming and outgoing wires

    ⚡️ Get domestic U.S. incoming and outgoing wires

    ⚡️ Bank account can be used with Stripe, PayPal, Amazon

    ⚡️ Your physical U.S. bank is FDIC Insured

    ⚡️ 30 Minute Consulting Call and 60 Days Follow Up Call

Let us help you open your bank account remotely! Book a call with us here:


How to Open a US Bank Account as An Illegal Immigrant

To open a US bank account as an illegal immigrant you’ll need to provide proof of identity and a US residence.

You’ll need something that verifies your name and date of birth, such as a passport or identification card. You’ll also need to verify your address, which can be easily done with a utility bill. Also, as mentioned earlier, you’ll need to have an ITIN.  


What To Do Next

Opening a US bank account as an illegal immigrant is time-consuming, stressful, and a lot more work than citizens must do. The benefits are very rewarding as you’re making a financial footprint and can be assured that your money is safe.

I won’t tell you the process will be easy and if you don’t have an ITIN yet, it could take more than a month for you to be able to apply for an account. However, I’m available to help you through the process. 

Let us help you open your bank account remotely! Book a call with us here:

Learn how to get your ITIN here.

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