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#1 Reason to Never Use LegalZoom (What LegalZoom Reviews Say…)

I can’t begin to tell you how often I get emails from clients complaining to me AFTER they’ve used LegalZoom. They have TERRIBLE LegalZoom Reviews!

People who use LegalZoom are typically looking for the cheapest way to file legal documents.

What people don’t understand is that LegalZoom is great at marketing but they do not offer personalized service. Legalzoom is also known for being pretty bad at customer service.

I get multiple emails a week from people who give reviews of their experience with LegalZoom. They complain about the service they received.

Don’t believe me?

I get LegalZoom reviews like this all the time…

LegalZoom Alternative

Also, did you know that LegalZoom charges low fees upfront but upsells their customers? (so they end up paying a LOT MORE down the line!)

LegalZoom Review 3

And another one…

Is LegalZoom Good

and this…


and some people who emailed me got as far as getting a letter from a collection agency for not paying their renewal fees!


… don’t end up like Paul, Taryn, Collin or Mark.

Because LegalZoom is not a lawyer’s office, you’re not getting the guidance and expertise of a lawyer even though you’re still paying ridiculous prices for their services.

LegalZoom sounds appealing and easy but will end up likely costing you a lot of time and money you could have saved by just going to a real lawyer.

If you’re setting up a business and need a competent business lawyer, email me at so you can get personalized service.


What is LegalZoom?

On LegalZoom’s website, it says that ‘Legal help is here.’ However, it later goes on to describe that ‘we are not a law turn or a substitute for an attorney or law firm.’

LegalZoom’s website is intentionally misleading. Browsing LegalZoom casually leads customers to believe that they’re under the care of a lawyer when all they’re doing is filling in a few forms and paying a lot of money for very little. It is up to you to decide if you think this makes LegalZoom legit.

LegalZoom is not a lawyer, but is it still worth it for certain legal purposes?


Is LegalZoom Legit?

Is LegalZoom legitimate? LegalZoom is not worth it for starting a business with an LLC.

With LegalZoom’s LLC formation service, you are paying extra fees for everything. Instead of wasting money with LegalZoom you can download the forms for an LLC for free, and pay the filing fee to the state if you want to do it yourself for some reason.

Additionally, LegalZoom charges for an EIN. You can apply for a free EIN online without paying unnecessary fees through LegalZoom.

So, is Legal Zoom legit? If you’re going to file an LLC yourself, don’t waste your money on LegalZoom.

If you want help filing an LLC, you need to contact an actual business lawyer. Email me now at with any questions you have.


Is LegalZoom as Good as a Lawyer?

LegalZoom is not even close to being as good as a lawyer.

On LegalZoom’s website, their information portal has a disclaimer that the information provided is ‘not guaranteed to be correct, completely, or up to date.’ Why on earth would you pay hundreds of dollars for information that has no guarantee whatsoever?

Additionally, LegalZoom says that a scary 80% of people who fill in their legal forms do so incorrectly. Because LegalZoom is not a lawyer and makes no responsibility for the accuracy if you make a mistake you’re paying hundreds of dollars for no guarantee. All that time and money is just gone.

LegalZoom says it is not a law firm. Why would you trust it as much as you would trust a real business lawyer?


Is LegalZoom Worth it for Wills?

Wills and other critical legal documents are too important and too complicated for a site like LegalZoom.

Because LegalZoom is nothing more than filling in the blanks, you run the risk of accidentally disinheriting family members or rendering your will invalid. Mistakes on your will are worse than others because if there is a serious mistake with your do-it-yourself will, it will not come to light until you’re already gone and it’s too late.

Have a real lawyer write your will to have real security and peace of mind. Your family members will thank you.

If you have any questions about writing your will correctly, email me now at


Is LegalZoom Cheap?

LegalZoom is the least cost-effective legal service out there.

Customers of LegalZoom are essentially paying hundreds or thousands of dollars to do all of the work themselves. This would be ok if LegalZoom offered some kind of legal guidance or accuracy guarantee, but it does not.

LegalZoom is more expensive than doing it yourself and gives you much less than hiring a lawyer which is essentially the worst of both worlds. You deserve much better than that.


Is LegalZoom Good for LLC?

People on ConsumerAffairs have a lot of complaints about LegalZoom.

ConsumerAffairs has given LegalZoom an abysmal two and a half stars. Here are some of the things ConsumerAffairs reviewers had to say about LegalZoom:

“I have used these guys 3 times and every single time they claim I agreed to sign up for extra things they charge for. They are buried in the terms and conditions and they argue with you to cancel or remove…” – Dana of New York City, NY

“After the documents were submitted to my state, I came to find out that they were flawed documents and got rejected. I contacted LegalZoom to correct this, and they told me I had to do it myself because they don’t do this.” – Luis of OKC, OK

“These folks do not have any knowledge of the business they are doing and all they want is your money. Worst customer service I ever have seen.” – Venkat of Fairfield, CA

What Should I Use Instead of LegalZoom?

If you need legal assistance, hire an actual business lawyer.

There are a few very limited circumstances where you don’t need a lawyer. If you’re representing yourself in small claims court or responding to a subpoena in which you are not a party to an accident, you’re probably okay.

For anything more complicated than that, hire a real lawyer. Undoing mistakes made with do-it-yourself online ‘legal services’ will cost you a LOT more than going the legitimate route in the first place.


What To Do Next

LegalZoom seems like a great alternative to using an actual lawyer, but will just end up costing you more time and money.

Using a fill in the blank ‘legal service’ opens you up to legal issues down the road, lack of accuracy, and being on your own when things don’t work out. Hiring the services of a competent business lawyer gives you an actual legal professional who is dedicated to making sure your affairs are in order.

A real lawyer is accountable for their representation of you and will work tirelessly to be sure your documents and affairs are to your advantage. LegalZoom is simply a form you fill out where no one cares about your case.

If you’re looking to get personal service for your business needs, email me at

Sam Mollaei, Esq.

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Start Your U.S. Business Confidently

Join 3,000+ entrepreneurs who have successfully started their U.S. business without dealing with complicated legal forms!

Privacy Policy: Your information is 100% safe and secure.