How To Get ITIN for Canadians

Hey, so today we’re going to be talking about how to get ITIN for Canadians.

Hey everyone, this is Sina Bonabi here from EIN Express. I’m an IRS certified acceptance agent and on both trained and authorized by the IRS to help non-US citizens all over the world, just like you, to successfully get their EINs and ITINs for them.

We’ve assisted over 2,240 non-US citizens to get the EINs and ITINs and we’d love to help you get yours as well, too.

So today we’re going to be talking about a question that I guess might be kind of funny, but we get it a lot.

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How We Successfully Get ITIN for our Canadian Clients

We get a lot of inquiries from people asking us, “Hey, Sina, I’m Canadian, am I even allowed to get an ITIN?” And the answer is yes, of course, you are.

Absolutely. If you’re a non-US citizen from anywhere in the world and you don’t have your SSN, then yes, you could get an ITIN if you qualify.

Now how we go about helping our Canadian clients, I mean they always, every case is done on a case by case basis. But usually we break it down into three parts, whether they’re doing a tax return, and obviously, we then determine if we’re doing a tax term for them if we’re going to do a … If they’re a non- resident or if they’re a US resident for tax purposes.

Sometimes, people who are Canadian citizens but are in the US, they’ve been here long enough physically where they can pass a substantial presence test and be considered a US resident alien for tax purposes. So that’s one thing.

So we first go the tax return route, see if that’s what they want to do and then we figure out their non-resident or US resident and then we proceed forward with completing their ITIN application and then also doing their taxes for them and going that route.

If they’re not doing a tax return, then we look and see … Then we try to use an exception category. And then based on which exception category, we put that into basically two parts. Where is it an income type of case where they’re claiming a tax treaty benefit based on some type of income they’re making like royalty income or dividends or annuities or pensions or rental income from the property they own or gambling income. So that’s one thing. We look into that and see if that’s the route they’re trying to go.

Then obviously we go and we look into the income tax treaty for Canada and the United States and we work on article numbers and the provisions in the article as well for the tax treatment that they’re trying to claim.

And then if they’re not going that route and they’re going, a different category in the exception categories that are not tax treaty benefit-related, we work on getting the documentation for that as well, too.

So we work on hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of Canadian citizens every year. They’re very great people. #wetheNorth. Yeah, that’s how we usually go about getting ITINs for our Canadian brothers and sisters up north.

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What To Do Next

I hope this video was informative. If you are in this situation, if you’re Canadian and you’re looking to get an ITIN or you had queries about it, please don’t hesitate. Go ahead and contact us.

We’re more than happy to answer any questions for you. And then if you are ready to start the service, if you want to get your ITIN, go ahead and click the link below to get started with your ITIN application. And if you guys have any questions or comments, go ahead and post them below as well, too.

I look forward to working with you guys soon. Take care. All the best.

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