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How To Get ITIN for a Child

Hey, so today we’re going to be talking about how to get ITIN for a child.

Hey everyone, this is Sina Bonabi from EIN Express. I’m an IRS certified acceptance agent, and I’m both trained and authorized by the IRS to help non-US citizens all over the world, just like you, to successfully get their EINs and ITINs for them.

We’ve assisted over 2,240 non-US citizens to get their EINS and ITINs, and we’d love to help you get yours as well too.

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How We Successfully Get an ITIN for Child Clients

I would like to say that this question is also, I get it a lot, but it’s pretty much similar to how you get an ITIN for a dependent.

The reason why I’m saying that is because the majority of my child cases that I get, it usually is a US citizen or US resident alien who’s looking to claim the child as a dependent on their tax returns.

So I want to say the overwhelming majority of these child ITIN cases are when they’re being claimed as a dependent on someone’s tax return.

Now, of course, that’s not always the case. I do get non-tax return child ITIN cases. They’re going to be exception category cases of course, and some examples would be, first of all, how old the child is.

Sometimes if they’re in their teens and they’re at institutions, schools, where they’re part of a Student Exchange Visitor Program, the SEVP that we’ve mentioned in previous videos, if they’re in that, if their case is like that, then we go a different route for their ITIN case, where we have to work with the school on getting specific documentation to meet this exception category’s requirements.

And we usually work with the school and go back and forth with them. It does take some time because it’s not easy working with the schools, a lot of correspondence. I have done these cases many times, and I’ve done them successfully.

So that’s one non-tax return child ITIN case that we’ve done. Another one is, I think we did one recently, was a child that was under 18 but needed to get a bank account opened so they can collect annuities income, inheritance, into that account. And we worked with their attorneys, their legal team, and we had to get an ITIN for the child. And so we went that route to get the ITIN for them.

It also just so happened that the child was from a country where that country had an income tax treaty with the United States, so we were able to do the whole tax treaty benefit route as well. And we were able to successfully get their ITIN for them. It wasn’t easy, but we were able to work with their legal team and make it happen.

So I also just wanted to shed light that it’s not only just tax return cases for children when it comes to ITINs.

It is an overwhelming majority of the time, but there are cases where it’s not a tax return case. As I mentioned, it depends on how old the child is. If they’re old enough and they’re from a school or they’re at a school or institution where they’re part of the SEVP, which is the Student Exchange Visitor Program, or if they’re in those rare cases of their inheritance income and they need an account, a bank account, in the US to collect that income into, then that’s another route we’ve gone too.

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What To Do Next

So I hope this answer, or this response, was informative and helpful. I know it’s not a very common one, some of these exception category cases with some people, but they do come up. The tax return one is very popular.

So if you’re out there and you are looking to get an ITIN for a child and they fall in any of these types of cases, please don’t hesitate to contact us and email us.

We’d love to help and take on the case and successfully get the ITIN for the child. We’ve done it many times before, and we’d be glad to help.

If you have any questions or comments, go ahead and post them below. And when you are ready to get the ITIN for the child, please go ahead and click the link below to get that started as well. Take care, everyone. See you soon.

Apply for an ITIN here:

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