How To Get ITIN for LLC

Hey, so today we’re going to be talking about how to get ITIN for LLC.

Hey everyone, this is Sina Bonabi here from EIN Express. I’m an IRS Certifying Acceptance Agent and I’m both trained and authorized by the IRS to help non-US citizens all over the world just like you to successfully get their EINs and their ITINS for them.

We’ve assisted over 2,240 non-US citizens to get the EIN and ITNS and we’d love to help you get yours as well too.

Okay, so today we’re going to be talking about a very, very, very, very, very, very common question and popular topic, which is ITINs and LLCs.

I get this a hundred times a day. People who are always coming to me and they’re saying, “I want to start my U.S. business, but I can’t do it because I need to get my ITIN.” I’m saying, “So I’m confused. What’s stopping you from starting your U.S. business?” And they’re saying, “Well, I need to get my ITIN first and then I can start my U.S. business.”

And I tell them all the time, I’m like, “Unfortunately, that’s incorrect. That’s the opposite way of doing it.” And I always ask them too just for my knowledge, “Who told you this?” And the majority of the time it’s other companies who have basically … Or just online blogs or articles that just are very factually incorrect that are telling them that you need to get your ITIN first before starting a U.S. business when in actuality that’s completely false, very, very much incorrect.

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Register Your Business First

The proper and the recommended way to do it is first registering your business.

Register your LLC or your corporation and then go ahead and get your EIN as well for that business entity.

EIN being the employer identification number, that’s the tax ID specifically for the business, and then we could work on getting your ITIN in using those. That’s the recommended route to go for foreign entrepreneurs who are non-US citizens. Start the business, register that, get your EIN, then get your ITIN. That’s the route to take, not the other way around.


Work with Companies that Specialize With Non-US Citizens

I think the main reason why I see so many other companies who are doing it the opposite way and it’s causing a lot of problems for these non resident aliens, these non-US citizens, foreign entrepreneurs, I think the reason why they’re doing it is because not that they’re the bad companies, they’re all great companies.

I think the thing is that they specialize in working with U.S. citizens rather than non-US citizens but here at EIN Express, we only work with non-US citizens so this is really what we specialize in.

We work with non-US citizens day in and day out so this is what we know best. We do this so many times a day, a hundred times a month.

We help a lot of non-US citizens start their business, get their EINs, their ITINs, banking, so we have the whole package here for the just starting foreign entrepreneur.

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What To Do Next

I hope this video was informative. If you feel like you are in this situation and you’re looking to start your

U.S. business and you’re a foreign entrepreneur, don’t hesitate, contact us, let us know.

We’d love to help you start your business, get the tax IDs for your business and also for yourself, and we can even help you with other services like banking and taxes as well.

We have all of it under one roof and we’d love to help you get your U.S. business started the right way.

If you have any questions or comments, guys, go ahead and post them below and when you’re ready to start your business formation, let us know.

If you’re ready to start your ITIN application, go ahead and click the link below to get that started as well too. I look forward to seeing you guys soon. Take care. All the best.

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