How to Open PayPal For Foreigners

PayPal represents a worldwide third-party payment provider, so accounts for PayPal for foreigners can be opened, as long as the applicant meets certain criteria. The following details will help you open a PayPal account if you are not from the U.S. but have a verifiable residence in the country.

That is the main thing you have to keep in mind – you need to show PayPal that you have a U.S. residence when you open a PayPal account as a foreigner. You also need to supply an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) if you don’t have a social security number or SSN.  

In addition, if you plan to do business in the U.S. and use PayPal, you will have to obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN) for your company. While the ITIN identifies you, for tax reasons, individually, the EIN is the tax number you use to pay employees and to open a U.S. bank account.

You will need a U.S. bank account to link to PayPal and become verified.

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1. PayPal for Foreigners: The Basics
2. PayPal for Foreigners Who Have Relocated to the U.S.
3. Contact and Tax Details
4. Creating an Account through PayPal for Foreigners
5. What Paperwork Is Needed to Open a PayPal for Foreigners Account?
6. Proving Your Identity
7. Proof of Address Documentation
8. Direct Your PayPal for Foreigners Inquiries to an Experienced Attorney
9. Mollaei Law Legal Tip: What to Remember about Opening a PayPal for Foreigners Account
10. What Happens Next?


PayPal for Foreigners: The Basics

Opening up a third-party PayPal for foreigners account is a fairly simple process, as long as you have the needed information or documentation. To open up the account, you will need to have an ITIN number, an EIN number, a verifiable address in the U.S. where you currently reside, and the name of a U.S. bank account. 

This is important – again, if you do not have a verifiable U.S. residence or a way to identify yourself, tax-wise, you will not be able to open a PayPal account.

If the above information sounds a bit confusing, you can contact me anytime and I will be glad to assist you. Simply email to learn more about the process.


PayPal for Foreigners Who Have Relocated to the U.S.

You will find the process of opening a PayPal for foreigners account fairly simple if you have settled in the U.S. and have an ITIN number and U.S. bank checking or savings account.

Let’s go through the steps.


Contact and Tax Details

First, you will need the following information when opening an account:

  • Your name
  • U.S. address
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Your ITIN 


Creating an Account through PayPal for Foreigners

To create a PayPal for foreigners business account, you will also need to produce the following:

  • The name of a state-registered LLC or corporation (You will also need to produce copies of the Articles of Organization for the LLC or Articles of Incorporation for the corporation)
  • The company’s phone number
  • The business address
  • An EIN 
  • An ITIN


What Paperwork Is Needed to Open a PayPal for Foreigners Account?

When opening a PayPal for foreigners U.S. account, you need to have one of the following documents that shows proof of your ITIN:

  • A letter from the IRS assigning you an ITIN
  • A W2, issued by an employer within the last year, which includes the ITIN
  • A third-party prepared 1099 that was completed within the last year and signed by the preparer 

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Proving Your Identity

To show proof of identity, you need the following:

  • A passport or passport card
  • Driver’s license
  • A state-issued government I.D.


Proof of Address Documentation

Proof of address documentation includes one of the following:

  • A recent utility bill (dated within the last 12 months)
  • A cell or landline bill (dated within the last 12 months
  • Motor vehicle registration (dated within the last year)
  • 401K brokerage account statement (dated within the last year)
  • Copy of deed for home or a copy of a home rental contract
  • Recent credit card statement or bank account statement
  • Identity card or driver’s license with listed address


Direct Your PayPal for Foreigners Inquiries to an Experienced Attorney

Do you have further questions about signing up with PayPal for foreigners? If so, you can contact me easily and conveniently online. 

Email for further business legal assistance. Not only can I answer your questions about signing up for PayPal, I can also help you –

My legal team and I offer full-service business law services. You can contact us any time. Book a call to speak to us here:


You have to remember one thing about opening a PayPal for foreigners account with an ITIN. Doing so is not guaranteed. To make this work, you also have to provide the above-mentioned information. Therefore, having an ITIN, in and of itself, is no guarantee that you can sign up on PayPal.

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What To Do Next

In some instances, you can open an account for PayPal for foreigners with your business documentation and therefore forego providing an ITIN. In this case, you would provide an EIN, which is needed, if you plan to open a U.S. business bank account to attach to your PayPal account.

However, if your PayPal transactions reach a certain threshold, PayPal will freeze your account and ask for the ITIN before you can reuse the account.

That is why, as a PayPal for foreigners account holder, you will need the assistance of a well-qualified business attorney. 

Email to obtain your ITIN and/or EIN and apply for PayPal today.

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