Can An Accountant Have An LLC In CA?

It is a go-to choice for most licensed professionals to form a regular LLC. One of the most significant advantages of this structure is that it will allow the professionals to run their show.

Also, the fact that it lets them limit their liability can not be taken for granted.

But where LLC is not possible, PLLC is the right choice. However, in CA, things are pretty different. That is why the question of can an accountant have an LLC in CA is so common. And the answer to that will be a no.

Professionals in California are positioned at a higher standard. That is one of the reasons why. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg for the topic. There is so much that you need to know!

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What Structure Can You Form As An Accountant?

The LLC act of California prohibits different professions from forming an LLC. However, there are some exceptions. As we have briefly discussed, the professionals have a higher position in CA.

Can A Chiropractor Have An LLC In CA?

If you are a professional chiropractor in California, you should know that the state positions you on the highest standard.

The state knows what role you play as a professional when it comes to upholding the public’s safety and serving them. So, does that mean you can form any business structure you want?

Not really. The same goes for the answer to the question of can a chiropractor have an LLC in CA. You can not form an LLC as a professional chiropractor operating in California. The reason?

California does not want you to limit your liability for the mistakes you could make while practicing.

So, which structure should you choose? And what else should you know about this issue? Well, this discussion has all the information you are looking for!

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What Structure Should You Choose As A Chiropractor in CA?

If you are a professional chiropractor, you need to choose the Chiropractic Corporation. And for the tax status, you can select an S Corp or a C Corp,

Can A Doctor Have An LLC In CA?

LLC, which states Limited Liability Company, is the first choice for many.

It allows you to limit your personal liability, go through fewer administrative hassles, avoid double taxation and offers many other benefits.

However, it is not for all professions. So, can a doctor have an LLC in CA?

Long story short: a doctor can not operate as an LLC in the state of California. As a professional working in CA, you do not have many options when forming a business structure.

But what can you actually form as a doctor in California? To know that, you must stick with this discussion until the end.

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What Is The Legal Structure of Medical Practice in CA?

The State of California does not allow physicians to form LLCs. This structure is only for nonprofessional people.

If you are a licensed medical professional looking to start a business with your colleagues in the field, you need to form a professional medical corporation.

Can A Psychologist Have An LLC In CA

When you are starting a Professional Psychological Corp, you might have tons of questions in your mind.

Yes, the starting steps are the most tedious and time-consuming. One wrong step or decision can make you pay tons of fines.

For example, choosing the wrong business type.

Now, can a psychologist have an LLC in CA? The short answer is no! A Psychological Corporation can not operate as an LLC in CA.

According to California Corporations Code, there is no LLC certification to practice psychology.

Want to know what business form you should choose? Well, if you are looking for an in-depth answer, you can get that by reading through this!

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What Business Type Should You Choose for Practicing Psychology?

If you are a psychologist, you do not have any option other than forming an S-Corporation. You should create a corporation taxed as an S Corp.

Basically, as a psychologist, you are prohibited from operating like a traditional corporation or an LLC.

Can A Non Doctor Own A Medical Practice In California?

If only investing in a corporation was as simple as giving the money to acquire your share of profit.

Legal factors are tied to each and all steps of the decision-making procedures. The most common mistake a person can make is not consulting with a lawyer in a similar field.

So what does the California law say about this? Can a non doctor own a medical practice in California? Let us delve deeper into the subject in the section below.

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Owning Medical Practice by A Non-Doctor in California

Suppose you are a businessman with an idea to open a medical practice in California. You visit the local business lawyer and ask for legal advice.
Your goal is to own the medical practice while your hypothetical partner, a doctor, is the equal shareholder.

It is not like splitting an apple in half to share equally between the two. The lawyer will tell you that California law is different, though it may seem unfair.

Who Can Own A Professional Medical Corporation In California?

Being in the medical field entitles a person to be more than just a doctor. However, who can own a professional medical corporation in California?

What are the protocols and legal regulations? Californian restrictions are slightly different from other states.

This is why we have to understand certain terms and conditions before understanding who can establish a professional medical corporation. Shall we take a look?

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Professional Medical Corporation in California: Who Can Own One?

Once you find out who gets nominated for this field, the legal protocols will be easier to follow.


The shareholders must be licensed in the same State. It means an individual shareholder cannot even vote a proxy if his/her license is from a different State.

Therefore, the shareholder must have a medical license issued in California State to acquire the shares of the medical corporation.

Licensed Physician

Since it is a medical corporation, there must be a licensed physician or a surgeon among the shareholders.

Can Psychologists Have An LLC In California?

An LLC or Limited Liability Company is a structure for a company. The debts or liabilities of the said company cannot be held personally liable owner(s).

LLC pool together the sole proprietorship characteristics and partnership features. When psychologists plan to launch a private practice, LLC is the most suitable structure to opt for.

However, it is not a corporation in a sense. That leaves a doubtful question, can psychologists have an LLC in California?

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This article will attempt to clear the notion and tell you what needs to be done.

LLC for Psychologists in California

Suppose you are a psychology major who has recently obtained a license from the California Board of Psychology.

This is the golden ticket to set up your practice professionally and be for the public. What should be your next step?

Unfortunately, you cannot form an LLC. It is completely prohibited for a psychologist. As a result, you will have to look for a different means to start your practice.

Can An LCSW Have An LLC In California?

An LCSW or a licensed clinical social worker provides mental healthcare in our society. The person uses personalized treatment plans and prevention schemes to help people cope with hardships.

If you have completed your MSW, clinical hours (supervised), and finally obtained the license, your next task is to establish a private practice.

But can an LCSW have an LLC in California without any hurdle? What does the law in the State say about this decision? Read on to discover more on the topic.

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Can An LCSW Have An LLC in California?

The answer is no. Then what should you do? Let us explain everything step by step for you to understand in one go.


Sometimes we make up our minds without realizing what the terms mean. LLC is known as a Limited Liability Company.

It is like a structure where the owner cannot be held personally liable for the company’s liabilities or debts.

Can An RN Work Independently?

Are you officially a registered nurse? There is not a single medical facility that does not have these wonderful people.

We often overlook their dedication and how nursing is one of the toughest jobs in medical aspects. So suppose you have been in this field for sufficient years.

Now you wish to be self-employed. The only blind factor is not knowing what an RN can do when leaving a stable job. Can an RN work independently?

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Is there any restriction to beginning a new journey of a self-employed registered nursing career?

Take Baby Steps

Let us acknowledge the elephant in the room – yes, you can become an independent registered nurse. However, it is not like investing in the shoe business.

We are talking about applying your hard-earned license to provide care for those in need. So breathe deep and pave the way.

1. Set A Goal

A change in a career path is never an easy task.

What To Do If You Started An LLC But Realized You Need A Professional Corporation?

It usually is good to start your game as an LLC (Limited Liability Company). In fact, due to the tax flexibility it offers and how easy the startup process is, many businesses start as LLCs.

But, later down the line, many things can go wrong. And that is where you will feel the need to change the business type.

You might wonder what to do if you started an LLC but realized you need a professional corporation.

You see, many states, such as California, require certain professionals to operate as a professional corp. But, the good news is that you can easily change your business to a professional corp.

Want to know how to convert from LLC to Professional Corp? You will need to read through to find out!

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How to Change from LLC to Professional Corporation?

Many companies are not familiar with the business type conversion process. And it might seem like the process is pretty complicated. But it’s not that hard.