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In California, licensed professionals are not allowed to form an LLC or a traditional Corporation and instead must form a Professional Corporation

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Get Paid as a 1099 Independent Contractor

If you’re a lawyer, doctor, psychologist, dentist, dental hygienist, architect, registered nurse, optometrist, veterinary, or another type of professional accredited in California, you’re required to form a Professional Corporation in California.

We offer a Complete Done-For-You Package Service tailored to help professionals start their professional corporation and get off the ground.


Significantly Save Money On Your Taxes

S-Corporation is a special type of Corporation that will SIGNIFICANTLY save you money on your taxes by allowing you to avoid paying self-employment taxes.

By becoming an employee of your own S-Corporation, you take a salary, then the rest of your pass-through income is no longer subject to 15.3% self-employment tax and by doing so, you avoid paying corporate tax on your salary, and save a significant amount of money.

We will properly set you up as an S-Corporation.

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